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Loft Conversion Ideas: How a VELUX Loft Loft Conversion Transformed A Family Home

April 25, 2019

If You’re Looking For Loft Conversion Ideas, Here’s Our VELUX Loft Conversion & Ideas For A Small Loft Conversion

AD – this VELUX loft conversion post is sponsored by VELUX. Are you thinking about a loft conversion? Here are our small loft conversion ideas, and how having our attic space extended transformed our family home.

Are you thinking about having your loft converted and looking for loft conversion ideas? For our house renovation one of the best things we’ve done is have our loft converted.

Our Velux loft conversion transformed our dark and inaccessible loft space into a bright, daylight-filled bedroom with VELUX roof windows, en-suite bathroom and work-from-home office that the whole family uses.

Velux Loft Conversion Ideas- How Our Victorian Terrace Loft Conversion Transformed A Family Home

VELUX Loft conversion ideas for a Victorian terrace house in London - tips for having a loft conversion or attic extension

I’m always asked a lot of questions about our loft conversion – the most common being ‘What’s the loft conversion cost?!’ – so thought I’d write all about ours with some loft conversion tips for having an extension or loft conversion yourself.

What Type Of VELUX Loft Conversion Did We Have?

We had a Victorian terrace loft conversion. Our house is a 120-year-old Victorian mid-terrace house that originally had two bedrooms. As a family of four we needed an extra bedroom and as I work from home, I wanted an office space. As it’s a terraced house, the rooms are small and can be dark, so our priority was to turn the loft – which was basically a spider hotel – into a big, open space with lots of daylight.

We now have a second-floor master bedroom with en-suite and open-plan home office, with a dormer loft conversion with two VELUX roof windows. Our builder joked that it would be an ‘adults-only sanctuary’ but the whole family uses it all the time for homework, making dens and watching films on our bed. I often find the children up there playing hide and seek.

Loft conversion ideas - tips for a VELUX loft conversion in a London Victorian terrace house including the loft conversion cost

My desk is by one of our VELUX roof windows so it’s a bright space for working, and when I open the window, I can hear children playing at my daughter’s school in the next street.

How Long Did Our Loft Conversion Take?

About six months from start to finish, including snagging and decorating.

Was There A Lot Of Building Dust From Our Loft Conversion?

Yes, it goes EVERYWHERE. Try and store as much as your stuff as you can in sealed bags, have a pair of shoes you only use in the loft room, and just embrace it as it’s inevitable.

What Was The Loft Conversion Cost?

The big question everyone asks is how much did our loft conversion cost! Our loft was converted a few years ago, and as we used our builder it was a slightly different cost to the loft conversion companies operating in our area – but it seems that the going rate in our area for these companies charging for loft conversions is around £35,000 – £45,000.

Is Having A Loft Conversion Worth It?

Yes! Our loft conversion has transformed the loft into an open and airy space and with double VELUX roof windows it’s full of daylight – a place where the whole family gravitates.

Things to think about when planning a loft conversion

  • Choose your builder or loft conversion company wisely: Ask your friends and neighbours for recommendations and try to look at examples of their work. We used our builder because he’s reliable and because he also dealt directly with the architects, planning, party wall agreements and the building inspectors for us.
  • Plan the space: Do you want the maximum number of rooms or a big, bright space? Even though a loft might seem big, there might be odd angles to work around. Think about the flow of light – our VELUX roof windows let in lots of daylight (don’t worry, you can buy VELUX roof window back-out blinds that block out all the light to help you sleep).
  • Think about storage: Family homes need lots of storage for all those old bits of baby equipment and bags of babygros you’re keeping ‘just in case’. Can you add under-eave storage or built–in cupboards? Make sure you do a Marie Kondo and declutter, too.
  • Be prepared for disruption: If you’re having a loft conversion then everything from the loft will have to leave the space. If you’re short on space already, then your house might feel chaotic. There will be noise and dust, especially during any knock-throughs. It might feel invasive when you have people traipsing in and out all day. It’ll be worth it in the end — promise.
  • Where to find loft conversion ideas and inspiration: If you’re thinking of a home renovation or extension – be it a single-story extension to create more space for an open-plan kitchen and dining room or perhaps a children’s playroom – or need more ideas for a loft conversion then Pinterest is a great source for inspiration. Here’s my board of loft conversion ideas.

Here are eight ideas and Pinterest boards from fellow bloggers who’ve also transformed a space with VELUX roof windows:

Planning a loft conversion bathroom in a small space? Sarah has written about how to plan a bathroom to give the illusion of space, and how she created an airy loft bathroom that bounces the daylight from her VELUX roof window around the room. Find her Pinterest board here.

Loft conversion bathroom ideas - how to use VELUX windows to make a small space look bright and airy

Here’s how Laura from used VELUX roof windows to transform a small loft bathroom into a light and luxurious space that’s perfect to unwind in. Find her Pinterest board here.

Loft conversion tips - how to use VELUX roof windows in a bathroom extension to create a bright family space

As parents we know how many toys children can accumulate, so isn’t it a brilliant idea to give children their own space and use a loft conversion as a bright and spacious playroom? See more thanks to Emma. Here’s her Pinterest board for tips and inspo on adding VELUX roof windows to a family home.

How to use VELUX roof windows in a loft extension to create a children's playroom

It’s great to see examples of other people’s extensions as it really gives you an idea of what your own will look like. After Clare from Maybush Studio’s parents added a loft conversion to her home, she was inspired to add VELUX roof windows to brighten up her daughter’s bedroom. More on her Pinterest board.

Plans to use VELUX roof windows to add light and space to a loft extension

If you’re thinking about a kitchen extension, Chrissy from Organise My House has shown how adding VELUX roof windows to a single-storey extension has maximised the natural light in her kitchen.

Singe storey extension adding light to a family kitchen

Jenni from Chilling With Lucas talks about the importance of natural daylight in a loft bedroom, and how VELUX roof windows create a bright and comfortable family atmosphere in her extended kitchen. See more in her Pinterest board.

Adding light to a family home with VELUX roof windows

Catherine added a single-story kitchen extension to her home creating an open-plan family room that with VELUX roof windows that flood the area with natural light. Find her Pinterest board here.

A light and bright modern kitchen extension with VELUX roof windows

Becky has written about the benefits of VELUX roof windows in a kitchen and how adding daylight in a room can improve the vibe of your entire house. Make sure you check out her Pinterest board for inspiration and ideas.

Adding a single-story extension to your house to give you a light and bright kitchen

This post on loft conversion tips is part of a sponsored project for the BritMums #VELUXdaylight Project, sponsored by VELUX.

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  • Sarah Christie

    April 26, 2019 at 3:41 pm

    Some great tips here its so important to get the right builder they can make or break a project, I bet you are so thrilled with it x

  • Clare Mansell

    April 29, 2019 at 10:16 am

    Just love the way the light streams through your roof windows. The comment from the builder about an dault only sanctuary made me laugh too… as if!! 🙂

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