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  • Colouring heaven with Cartoonito Club

    Sometime last year we bought a printer, and since then not a day has gone by without me printing off at least one colouring sheet. In fact, that’s the only thing we’ve printed with it (apart from old-school work contracts…followed by more colouring sheets).

    OK, so that’s a slight exaggeration, but my children love colouring, so, you get the picture.

    CArtoonito Club - interactive colouring book

    What is it with kids and colouring? They just love it, don’t they? Mine colour anywhere and everywhere. On colouring sheets and in books and on the back of menus. They even colour on autopilot while doing other things. We have piles of artwork everywhere (tip: these are a great way to display it).

    We won’t talk about the time one of them coloured on our light-coloured wallpaper with a biro, but I think that’s a childhood rite of passage, right?

    So they were thrilled to be invited to take part in an interactive colouring book event, where they could colour anywhere in the room – walls, floor and furniture.

    Colouring heaven at the Cartoonito club

    It was an event for preschool TV channel Cartoonito to launch the Cartoonito Club, a new website with lots of creative activities and resources themed around the channel’s programmes (including Fireman Sam, Thomas the Tank Engine and Bob the Builder).

    We joined a host of celebrity parents (including my extended breastfeeding hero Tamara Ecclestone).

    Cartoonito Club launch event

    It was brilliant fun – even the adults caught the Cartoonito Club colouring bug and joined in.

    Colouring at the Cartoonito Club event

    I can totally see the appeal now; once you pick up a marker it’s hard to resist…

    Coloruring at Cartoonito Club

    Cartoonito Club

    Thanks so much for inviting us Cartoonito – families can access tons of creative activities and resources by visiting the Cartoonito Club website and enjoy all their favourite shows and characters by tuning in to Cartoonito. More posts…our new colourful doors and 2o tips for your first Disneyland Paris trip

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