Magnetic Picture Frames: A Clever Idea For Displaying Kid’s Art

November 2, 2017

We’ve Found Magnetic Picture Frames – A Great Idea For Displaying Kid’s Art

We’ve been trying out magnetic picture frames, which are a great way of storing kid’s art.

Do your children produce a lot of pictures, meaning you are always looking for new ways display of displaying and / or strategically ‘managing’ it all?! Join the – arts and crafts – club.

However, I’ve found something new that’s set to shake up the art pile. Step forward magnetic photo frames.

Magnetic picture frames from GLTC to display children's art

The Life Cycle Of Kid’s Art In Our House

My two, like most little children whose eyes light up at the sight of a felt tip, love all things arty and are enthusiastic picture and model makers. So naturally, our house is swimming in drawings, paintings, colouring sheets, crafty creations and so on (we won’t talk about the drawing on our pale wallpaper, mentioning no names…)

The life cycle of children’s art in our house usually goes like this:

  • They produce a new creation which I LOVE and think it’s the best thing ever
  • But there’s no-where to put it, so it goes on the side
  • A few weeks later, it is moved to the big art pile
  • Time passes…I look at the art pile and think ‘What’s that two lines and a splodge on the page?’
  • I either put it back in the pile and resolve to display the best ones, or strategically move the less, erm, detailed ones to the recycling bin, under the stealth cover of dark (where it’s 100% guaranteed they will find it. How do they know?!)

What’s The Solution For Storing Kids Art?

I love displaying their wares though, not because I think they are potential Picassos, but because they are colourful and lovely and they are so proud of them and who wouldn’t love seeing something you love around the house?

We’ve displayed art around the house in various different ways, from the time-old method of the fridge to the magnetic chalkboard wall  in E’s room.

However, with so much art, we’re always looking for new ways to store and display it in our house.

Magnetic picture frames from Great Little Trading Company - perfect for displaying children's art work in your home

Our New Art Solution – Magnetic Photo Frames

But I’ve recently discovered magnetic picture frames from Great Little Trading Co. Which are as they sound – picture frames, but instead of having catches and layers of glass and boards, they are made of are two simple layers that hold the artistic creation tight.

They are held together with magnets so as soon as you want to switch up your pictures, they easily come apart so you can swap them around.

Magnetic picture frames from GLTC - a clever way to display children's art work around the house

How Do The Magnetic Picture Frames Look?

The magnetic picture frames are neutral white, in the style of everyone’s favourite the IKEA Ribba, and are perfect for gallery walls (they have hanging hooks) or for perching on ledges or units.

They also have no glass, which means it’s easy to display the more 3d creations (stuck on pasta, scrunched up tissue paper, half a tonne of glitter, you name it!).

There are two sizes of GLTC magnetic picture frames; A4 (£18) and A3 (£23) and you can find them on the GLTC website.

How clever?

I was sent the magnetic picture frames as part of the Great Little Trading Co. Testing Team, but I really do think they are brilliant. More posts…making a felt ball garland and our GLTC bean bag and Easy Reach Unit and follow me on Pinterest

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