Naptime: I hate you, but I love you too

July 6, 2017

At what age did your toddler drop their daytime nap? Asking for…

When did your child drop the daytime nap?

…well, us really, currently locked in a naptime battle of wills, caught between naps and no naps and a fierce and exhausting battle with the land of nod.

Sleep has always been a big issue with my second born She likes to wake up lots, wake up really really early and even now I can count on one finger the number of times she has slept through. In comparison, I’m pretty fond of sleep so am now held together with a diet of caffeine and concealer under a mist of forgetfulness.

So naptime has always been that special time for both of us to sleep, pause and recharge. And for one of us to drink loads of tea and faff around on the internet without guilt or internal judgement.

However, it’s reaching the point with my nearly three-year-old where even a short a day time nap results in a very late bedtime. And as much as I love my children with every fibre of all of my being, past a certain point in the evening, I’m all parented out and not at my most enthusiastic best for playing with Barbies (is anyone?!).

As a result, we’re currently playing a game of stop-the-nap. Which does mean an early bedtime, but has battles of its own (fighting off the late afternoon grizzles…timing it right so  when the 7pm need to sleep hits and we can drop everything…nursery NEVER getting the message that no, a two hour sleep at 1pm is NOT A GOOD THING).

But, oh, naptime. I MISS YOU. In the early days it’s such a gift to knackered mums, isn’t it? And even later on it’s still great.

Why naptime is BRILLIANT

  • It’s the punctuation mark in the life of the stay at home parent and a calm oasis in the storm of a hectic day
  • It’s the time of day for all of these, where you can have a shower or eat or drink a hot tea or work or frantically load and unload the dishwasher or tiptoe around the house picking stuff up in a silent frenzy or relax on the sofa or read a magazine for twenty minutes before realising it’s upside down or run around waving your *two free hands* amazed at your sudden good fortune
  • Or, it’s the chance to ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ and have a delicious nap all of your own…zzzZZzzzzZZz…(major eyeroll if you’re a second-time mum)
  • It’s something to look forward to when you’re been up since the dawn of time and want to eat some contraband chocolate biscuits in plain sight and not hiding in the kitchen
  • Oh, and wait, your child? It means they’re refreshed and happy.

Why naptime is not-so-good

  • Yes, those late bedtimes…
  • …and these inevitably happen…
  • But…erm…not much else.

Oh, naptime. I hate you but I love you too. And although your days are numbered now, I will always remember you fondly. Text me?

The good news is, after starting primary school, my five-year-old is now so exhausted that she sleeps in the evening like an absolute champion. Only two-and-a-half more years to go, then?

More posts…how to potty train without losing your mind, again and things they absolutely DON’T tell you in NCT but totally should. Many thanks for Flo for faux sleeping for me.


  • Sarah Rooftops

    July 6, 2017 at 8:16 pm

    Matilda had dropped all naps by 18 months (unless she’s ill or spends too long in a car) – I both think this is a good thing (no more having to schedule everything around them!) and a bad thing (could I have just 30 minutes without taking an array of plastic pigs to the Happyland vet, please?!). Now that number two is on the way, I’m kind of dreading their naps because they’ll be the time when I WANT to “sleep when the baby sleeps” but NEED to shower my firstborn with all the attention she’s used to… right?! And, hell, in a year’s time, there’ll be the nap v nursery run clash and it’s already stressing me out!

    So… yeah, no advice; I’m just venting in your comments section. Again.

  • Becky | Spirited Puddle Jumper

    July 29, 2017 at 4:53 pm

    Oh god, nap time was amazing, especially when F and S were small and I managed to sync their naps *air punch* as I got so much done and had some peace and quiet too! Freddie stopped napping at 2 and a half, when he stopped going down to sleep at night, and Sasha stopped at just turned 2, as soon as she got a toddler bed she just didn’t stay in it during the day. She’d fall asleep still instantly in the buggy or car post-lunch up until 3 and a half though, which really did balls up the bedtime when that happened!

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