Mistakes I’m already – inevitably – making in 2016

January 19, 2016

All the way back in the swirly mists of history (2015)  I wrote a post about mistakes I won’t be making in 2016. So, a couple of weeks in the new year, how are we getting on?


Well, there’s a whole new list:

The new lunch pudding – While we eat together at weekends, in the week we tend to eat* (* drink wine) once the children have gone to bed (I also eat their dinner leftovers, swooping in like the inevitable mum-ganate that I am). Just last week I accidentally let slip that this is a thing. So coming in at number #1 in the long list of 2016 mistakes we’re already making is the new lunch pudding, which is, tada! ‘Grown-ups dinner’, something E now asks every single day if she can eat with us.

Not taping Stickman – Did you see the BBC adaptation of Julia Donaldson’s Stick Man over Christmas, wasn’t it lovely? For some reason, we’ve streamed it on the 1000 million times we’ve watched it, and now it’s expired, with no taped version. ‘Stick mum! Stick mum! Beware of…not downloading things from iPlayer.’

Leaving my make-up within reach, again – why oh why is it always the expensive make-up? Why always the £20 lipstick?

Leaving things behind – no, I’m clearly not talking about my mistake-making ways. Regular readers of my tales of misfortune may (probably not) remember the emotional tale of the toy in Sheffield (Side note: once we got Mickey M back, E stopped having favourites altogether). But this is a mistake I’m clearly still making, as we left many things behind when we came home from our Christmas holiday. And one thing my eldest daughter didn’t inherit from me is her photographic memory. ‘Wait a minute! Where’s the pink dress for my new doll?’ she asked the other day. ‘Ooh, shall we watch Stickman?’ I suggested…’oh WAIT.’

As this post bookends the other, as I started that with a quote I’m going to end on a quote this time:

‘It’s inevitable that you will make mistakes when you’re a parent, unless you’re parenting in a stock image of parenting. But it’s OK to make mistakes, and carry on making them, because that’s what makes you human. And it’s what most parents, even those with the purest of intentions, do. And are your children still happy? Most definitely, unless they really want to watch Stickman.’ Gill, tired mum of two.

What parenting mistakes have you made this year? (Go on, I’ve shared first)

More posts…everything you’ll obsess about in the first year, the mother law (or why we’re always late) and brilliant benefits of being the second baby.


  • Kim Carberry

    January 19, 2016 at 11:04 am

    Ahh! I wish I had recorded Stick Man too….Surely they will play it again sometime as it was so good!
    hahaha! My girls are older and my teen always takes my make up! Never the poundshop stuff though. It is always the expensive stuff. lol

    1. gillian

      January 20, 2016 at 7:39 pm

      I hope so! We loved it, have you seen the other ones (the Gruffalos and Room o the Broom?) x

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