Colourful Christmas hampers from John Lewis, chosen by my children

November 15, 2017

I know, I know, I’m going there possibly a bit early with the C word – but for once we’ve actually made a start on our shopping and have put together a colourful Christmas hamper from John Lewis, full of treats for a Grandma who needs cheering up.

And when I say we, I really mean it…the recipient and contents were picked by my children.

Christmas hampers from John Lewis, picked and assembled by children

We were asked to pick a recipient and then put together a hamper with presents from John Lewis – but all of these to be picked by my children (we were sent the hamper and a gift voucher to use; this post also contains affiliate links).

So first, we sat down and talked about who we’d make it for. My mum has been having a bit of a hard time of late, so she seemed like the obvious choice and we deserving of a treat.

Then we talked about what we’d like to put in it – mainly, cheerful, colourful treats and things she’d like – from a mug for her tea and biscuits to go with it, through to tasty things to eat and drink, something warm to wear and relaxing and lovely bath and body stuff.

We then had a group scroll through the website to pick out items the two of them liked (mainly, the brightly coloured ones and hence the focus on sweet things).

Christmas hampers from John Lewis - iPhone view

(Obviously, I had an element of quality control over the basket, bearing in mind the type of brand I thought the recipient would like).

We found lots of things we eventually bought in the Christmas shop on the site, including the Christmas gift food and drink  department, as well as the beauty section.

Christmas hamper from John Lewis - top view

Inside our hamper is: Iced Gingerbread Llama (£4.00) / Crabtree and Evelyn Star Shaped Shortbread Biscuits (£10.00) / Natalies Rainbow Marshmallow Bag (£5.00) / Prestat Popping Pink Prosecco White Chocolate Truffles (£14.00) / Edinburgh Gin Raspberry Liqueur (£18.00) / Oasis Annabelle Scarf, Navy/Red (£18.00) / Philosophy Melon Daquiri Shower Gel (£14.50) / Anthropologie Gold Monogram Mug (£10.00) / Neom Organics London Christmas Wish Candle (£30.00) / Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Body Butter (£29)

Christmas hamper from John Lewis

Once everything arrived we assembled it into the hamper (guess who couldn’t resist getting in too?!)

John Lewis Christmas Hampers by children

Out of all the lovely things in our Christmas hamper from John Lewis, our favourite is actually the cheapest:

Lama biscuit from John Lewis for Christmas

But knowing how much my children love to talk, I can’t believe we’ll be keeping this under wraps until Christmas…

Thanks to John Lewis for working with us on this post (the links in it are affiliate links)…more posts…an alternative Christmas gift guide for new mums and Christmas crafts for children 

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