GLTC Bean Bags Of Fun – Our Great Little Trading Co. Review

October 25, 2017

We’ve Been Trying Out The GLTC Bean Bag – Here’s What We Thought

If you had a bean bag when you were younger, or always wanted one, read our GLTC bean bag review.

It feels like owning a bean bag one was a very 80s rite of passage, as was the inevitable disaster when they split and spilt foam beads everywhere, into every corner of the floor…

Fast-forward a few decades (!) and we’ve been testing out the Great Little Trading Company Pyramid washable bean bag to see if this modern-day version is our bag.

GLTC bean bag review - washable pyramid bean bag in pink star

On The Hunt For A Comfortable Floor Cushion

We’ve been looking for either a big cushion or bean bag for a while for the girls – we wanted something that was portable but didn’t take up too much floor space, that they could cosy up in when reading. We also wanted it to be comfortable for those super-early morning moments when only CBeebies will do, to hopefully give us a little bit more space in the bed and about five more precious minutes of nap time.

Having recently joined the testing team for Great Little Trading Company – read our first review of the Easy Reach Storage unit – we were sent one of the washable pyramid designs. Here’s what we thought of our GLTC bean bag.

Great Little Trading Company washable pyramid bean beg review

So What Did We Like About The GLTC Pyramid Bean Bag?

  • The shape of the bean bag is really clever – the pyramid design means you can wedge into it and don’t risk rolling off as you inevitably do with the rounder designs. There’s also always a thick layer of base to sit on and surround you at all times
  • Despite being designed for one child, it’s big enough that we can generally have two of them sat on there
  • One of the genius things about the cotton cover it is that it zips off and you can wash it (considering the amount of potentially messy snacks my children eat, it’s bound to need this at some point).
  • The GLTC bean bag is washable
  • Fearers of potential foam bead spillages take note; the beads are contained in another heavy cotton inner bag that’s sewn  tightly shut:

Bean bag review - GLTC pyramid bean bag

  • There means there is hopefully a minimal risk of splitting, even when small children use it as a landing mat…

GLTC bean bag review - children's bean bag in pink

  • There’s also a cotton loop at the top for carrying it around which would also be useful if you want to hang it up, out of the way

Children's bean bags from GLTC Great Little Trading Co.

Colour-wise, hands up here, I didn’t choose the pink (I would have gone for the lovely neutral grey, or the navy, and there’s also rainbow coloured confetti and dots, too).

But the pink-chooser loves it a lot. And it’s a vibrant and bold colour and the design is simple; definitely, no garish character prints here as you do often see with bean bags.

GLTC bean bag review - pyramid washable bean bag in pink

And is the GLTC pyramid bean bag comfortable? Yes! It’s squishy without being too slippery to sit on therefore it makes a really cosy reading nest. And as we’ve found, it’s a good backrest for any adults watching TV on the floor.

At £75 the GLTC bean bag is more than your average character-design one. However, as it’s Great Little Trading company it means the bean bag is brilliant quality, looks great and is really comfortable; we’re buying another one….for the children. Really.

We were sent the Washable Pyramid bean bag from GLTC for this review…I bought E’s spotty charity pyjamas from here…and here’s some more posts…the things Kirstie and Phil don’t tell you about building work and how to make a felt ball garland and magnetic chalkboard wall

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