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October 2, 2016

Looking For HelloFresh Reviews? Is HelloFresh Worth The Money? Here’s What We Thought

We Reviewed Food Boxes for Families, So Here’s What We Thought:

We’ve been trying out the new HelloFresh family food boxes for the past few weeks, so here’s our HelloFresh review, hat we thought of the HelloFresh food box.

We also answer the big question – is HelloFresh food healthy and is HelloFresh worth the money?

Hello Fresh review - food box delivery service

What Are HelloFresh Recipe Boxes?

Have you heard of HelloFresh? It’s a food box delivery service where each week you’re sent a box of ingredients to make recipes of your choosing.

There are a couple of different companies that offer meals in this way, including Gousto, and HelloFresh have an emphasis on quality of ingredients and easy recipes, plus value for money and family-friendly food..

Hello Fresh review - opening the food box and recipes

What Is The HelloFresh Family Box?

The family box consists of four meals each week, each serving 4-5 people. I was initially pretty hesitant to pick this box over the ‘classic’ version as I was worried the food would be aimed at perception of child-friendly eating – e.g. chicken nuggets, bland things – and not nicer food for grown-ups.

I also have two selectively picky eaters, so had no idea if any of the recipes would be any good for our slightly mixed meal times.

Here’s Our Honest Hello Fresh Review:HelloFresh review - Hello Fresh box

Good Points About The HelloFresh Family Box:

  • All the recipes are fairly easy and best of all, can be cooked in about 30-45 minutes. When you’re exhausted at the end of the day, this isn’t quite such a daunting prospect vs the speed and ease of pasta or cooking something completely from scratch.

HelloFresh review - opening the food box

  • What was great was that the HelloFresh family box didn’t make lazy assumptions about children’s palates and it was all food that adults would enjoy too, from curries to meatballs and stir fry with steak. There were some meals my children would never eat, but at the same time there were some that we wouldn’t want to share either – ha! – and we do tend to cook later in the evening, so it was easy to cook these then have leftovers the next day. If you have older, less fussy children then this wouldn’t be an issue, and there was generally some carby or veg aspect of the meal everyone would like e.g. mash, steamed veg, noodles and so on
  • As well as introducing us to new recipes we’ll definitely make again, there was also food we’d not tried (where have you been all my life, orzo?)
  • It takes away decision making, when you’re already exhausted at the end of a busy day.

Negatives About HelloFresh:

  • There seemed to be a lot of bagged salad and leafy veg greens and some of this went to waste as we couldn’t eat it all quickly enough
  • As it’s all fresh food so you do need to make sure you eat it within a couple of days
  • And there’s also the obvious cost implication (see below).

Is HelloFresh Food Good For You? Is HelloFresh Food Healthy?

  • The dishes we picked were very healthy, with a lot of veg in the box
  • They were also tasty enough that they felt fairly indulgent (which I think is pretty important when you’re paying)
  • You can also choose from several dishes, including lower calorie, healthier recipes – so if your big question is around how Healthy HelloFresh is, you can control this

How Much Does HelloFresh Cost?

Obviously there is a higher cost implication with Hello Fresh versus doing your own supermarket shop. Family boxes with four meals for four people are £64 per box, which works out at £4 per head (you can also get a family box with two meals for four people for £39.95).

It also depends on the type of box you pick, and boxes for one or two people with only a couple of meals are a lot cheaper than the full family box with a week’s worth of meals.

Is HelloFresh Worth The Money?

With a food delivery service like HelloFresh you’re paying for the convenience of having everything you need delivered, in near-precise amounts.

It saves the hassle of doing the shop and picking the recipe.

If you have small children, or end a day feeling exhausted, then yes HelloFresh is worth the money.

Hello Fresh review

Would We Buy HelloFresh Again For Our Fussy Family?

After our two week HelloFresh review, would we buy it again? Yes, definitely.

We’ve tried a similar food box before – you can read my Marley Spoon review – and we weren’t entirely sold, but we much preferred the quality of the HelloFresh. Everyone liked the food and all the recipes worked really well, we’ve used them again since.

And we cooked all the food at night so the light was too bad for photos, but they all looked exactly like they do on the photo (OK, not entirely – but they still tasted good).

Hello Fresh review - Jamie Oliver recipe

Have you tried Hello Fresh? What did you think?

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  • Alison

    October 4, 2016 at 9:19 am

    Hello Fresh definitely appeals to me and I keep meaning to try it out – so when you say that they sent a lot of left veg and you couldn’t eat it quickly enough, was it just that they sent too much for the portion sizes you made, or did they send extra stuff that wasn’t included in the recipes?

  • katie albury

    October 19, 2016 at 3:48 pm

    I really like the sound of these companies, but we too have ended up struggling to cook all the food by the expiry date as our evenings are always varied with work schedules. But when they work, they are brilliant and really do introduce you to new meals that you just don’t have the time to research. I haven’t tried this company but would defo give them a go x

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