Five things: what we loved this week

October 20, 2017

Fish tank at the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill, London

I’ve been wanting to write a weekly round-up for aaages but in six years have never quite got round to it…So,  I thought I’d try to do a regular list of five things each week on a different theme – be it things we’ve done, books we’ve read, places we’ve been and so on.

To start with, here are five things we loved this week:

Charles Darwins' House, Down House in Bromley

One: Florence turned THREE (more on this soon) we had a birthday party in our building site house and my in-laws came down for a few days. We went to visit Down House, which is Charles Darwin’s old house that’s been taken over by English Heritage. He turned out to be way more interesting than any of us were expecting, and the house – especially the gardens – were lovely.

Although someone did run under the security cordon and set off all the alarms, mentioning no names…although that’s another story for another time (once I’ve recovered).

Outoor instruments at The Horniman Museum, forest Hill

Two: We also went to The Horniman Museum, which is an old favourite but there’s a brand new butterfly house and it’s also very autumnal at the moment, with all the pumpkins (and a pair of urban foxes). There are BUNNIES which Florence was incredibly excited about, and fish and the Walrus and all the outdoor instruments.

Three: If you’re looking for some half term activities, I wrote a round-up for Junior magazine of 21 October activities.

Four: Can My Little Pony actually be a feminist TV programme? I’ve always been deeply suspicious of the programme but this has actually made me see it in a different light. Kind of.

Five: Blog posts I’ve liked this week: A Playful Day on influence, Alice on the #MeToo campaign (#MeToo, of course) And here’s one I wrote – when your parenting skills don’t add up

Have a great weekend…x

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