Five things from the weekend

February 27, 2017

Things have been mildly quiet around here lately (no real reason why, just mainly the post-half-term-catch-up and general life-stuff-stuff). So here’s a mini update of five things we’ve been getting up to lately:

London Eye playgroup, London Playing at the London Eye playground, The Southbank, London

One: Mainly wearing hats it seems (F’s is way better!) and laughing into the middle distance, I can’t remember why. We had lovely visitors this weekend so spent Saturday on the Southbank and going on the London Eye, somewhere neither of the girls had been on and I’d not been on in years and years. We spent a lot of time in the playground right by it, which they’ve always been too small for before but really loved it.

Two: It’s World Book Day this week, which seems to take on a new and more loaded meaning when you start school, doesn’t it? Although we seem to have been dealt a get-out-of-jail-free card and actually don’t have to dress up at school (but are at nursery and I’m not sure which one of us is looking forward to that more.Two words; Worst Witch). I’m pretty excited to be over on Junior talking about 20 modern classic children’s books for WBD, which include a list of all the children’s books I love, with everything from our old favourite the Pantone Colours book to the one that makes me cry every time.

Three: With somewhat apt timing, following this post on the going rate for the tooth fairy we said bye to tooth number three at the weekend *I’m not ready for this!* *waaa, etc*. Pretty lucky we didn’t set the going rate too high in the end.

Four: We also took part in our first Window Wanderland this weekend, which is the loveliest idea – where you and your neighbours decorate their windows and it creates a winter walking trail around your local area. I remember seeing the Bristol one last year which looked fab. There’s a couple of photos on my Instagram of our favourite windows (although there were so many!) We went for a space theme in the end.

Five: And finally…Things I’ve been reading: this all about Teen Vogue (which wrote about here and here). Things you might have missed – Miffy memories in honour of Dick Bruna and also on Beyonce and the right way to be pregnant.

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