Chasing away the post-news blues

March 30, 2017

Struggling to be upbeat after yesterday’s Brexit / Article 50 triggering / news onslaught on top of general terrible news / everything from America / everything in general / it’s too much / make it stop / someone, please?

Chasing away the post-news blues

It’s not just you.

I thought:

  • Head in the sand, there would be no triggering. Instead, the whole issue would be Britishly swept under the carpet and forgotten about. Which is totally what I would have done, using toddler-distraction tactics of ‘OH LOOK! THERE’S SOMETHING IN THE MIDDLE DISTANCE. ANYTHING!’. And then never referred to again apart from using hushed tones and lowered eyes
  • Someone, anyone would come to their senses and it wouldn’t happen
  • As I said over on Instagram, I’d vaguely thought against hope that a time traveller from the future would have arrived and run in at the last minute shouting ‘Stop the insanity!’ While everything went into slow motion.

But that clearly didn’t happen and above everything else I’m just trying not to think about it as it’s making me feeling really, really sad. Really sad.

If the current state of politics and global events is what you wanted, great. If it’s not, here’s a couple of mildly cheerful random things that – might – help to lighten the mood:

  • The Cristiano Ronaldo statue made me laugh and laugh yesterday. And today. And right now
  • This song from Trolls that everyone in my house is obsessed with
  • Going outside minus the ‘big’ coat, several layers, hats, scarfs etc then seeing this everywhere
  • In welcome news for some parents, there is a new series of THIS
  • We are watching Designated Survivor and it’s brilliant! Have you seen it? I neeeeed to discuss it
  • Some posts I’ve liked this week: Molly on being a normal mum, Becky on what you don’t see on Instagram and Rachel’s birth story (new baby alert)
  • And a breastfeeding video I made for TalkMum on getting over our initial struggles and three tips if you’re starting out (basically! You’re not alone)

And some positive old posts – on raising powerful girls, how to chase away the parenting blues and how to protest as a parent of small children.

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