Baby’s second year: even more things you’ll obsess about

November 24, 2016

The littlest member of our household recently had her second birthday (so she’s really not a baby any more, is she? Waaaa). Following my post on everything you’ll obsess about in your baby’s first year, here’s a look back at even *more* things you’ll inevitably obsess about in your baby’s second year, from one to…where’s the red book, again?

Baby's second year - even more things you'll obsess about. Make sue you read this list if you have small children!

  1. How you’re MUCH more relaxed in your baby’s second year. Totally laid back, right? But WAIT, when will they start reciting Shakespeare and running marathons? And what’s that tiny mark and where did they go when your back was turned?
  2. When your tiny baby got *quite* so grown-up. When do you have to start thinking about schools?!
  3. Why you still have this, many months on
  4. Walking
  5. Talking
  6. Mum guilt about work in many forms, About working and not working, about using childcare and not using childcare. Why everyone seems to have an opinion on your personal choices
  7. Mum guilt about everything else, from swimming lessons to food to not feeling mum guilt about something
  8. Some random, completely left-field remark the health visitor said at the one year check (but luckily that’s the last time you need to see them till the two-year check! Thank goodness)
  9. Some totally amazing thing your one-year-old has done that convinces you they’re actually a child prodigy
  10. If the terrible twos are as bad as everyone makes out
  11. If it’s possible to start the terrible twos at 18 months
  12. When they’ll sleep properly
  13. Why everyone else’s one-year-old sleeps through already but yours just hasn’t got the hint yet
  14. If there’s an epiosde of Peppa Pig you’ve not seen
  15. All of these questions
  16. Why you’re still watching CBeebies despite it finishing an hour ago and your child being asleep for a while
  17. Screen time in some shape or form, despite all your lofty, ‘my child will never watch TV’ ambitions when you were pregnant
  18. If it’s your first child, obsessing about having another or not (or obsessing about why everyone else is so obsessed with you having another)
  19. If it’s your second child, obsessing about having another or not (or obsessing about why everyone else is so obsessed with you having another) – obsessing over the big third baby question
  20. *Still* breastfeeding or using bottles
  21. If anyone saw that tantrum at the shop just now
  22. Why you should book the two-year check before they turn ten. Where’s the red book again? Why is it covered in bite marks?
  23. Sleeeeeeep…
  24. How many times you’ve wound the bobbin up during your baby’s second year
  25. And how many times you’ve wound it back again
  26. How you’ll be so much less obsessed with everything once they’re two. Oh wait, potty training?

Baby's second year - even MORE things you'll obsess about as a parent. Make sure you read this list!

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