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Top tips on blogging and using social media for breastfeeding

Blogging, social media and breastfeeding; not natural bedfellows, you’d think?

Social media and breastfeeding

Well, read on…It’s National Breastfeeding Week and I’m taking part in the Keep Britain Breastfeeding Scavenger Hunt, along with a whole load of other brilliant bloggers. Today’s theme is around top tips for breastfeeding. I know lots of other mums taking part would have great advice about latching and so on, so I wanted to focus on another area instead. Social media would be my big tip for breastfeeding – there’s so many ways it helped me, and continues to do so:

Are you sitting comfortably?

  1. Firstly, get a smartphone! Babies breastfeed an awful lot for a long time when they’re younger and having the internet on your phone gives you a window to the outside world, keeps you awake and helps you feel less isolated when you’re trapped on sofa feeds or under a post-feed sleepy baby. Phones are a lot easier to hold with one hand than a laptop or an iPad – believe me, I’ve tried
  2. Make sure your phone is charged when you sit down to feed (or sit near a socket)
  3. I bought – and still use – the Widgy pillow for the baby and a V-shaped pillow for propping up behind me. But try out different things – it’s whatever works for you and the baby

Now lets begin…

  1. Twitter is completely invaluable when you’re breastfeeding; it’s a lifeline to know that you’re not alone and other people are awake at 3am…and 4am, 5am and so on. Through hashtags like #3amfc or  #nightfeeds I met a whole load of other mums who were up with babies (however they were feeding). And even at normal times of the day, Twitter mums – and dads –  were and still are a fantastic source of advice and comfort
  2. The best time to pin on Pinterest is 2-4am. As this is when you’re likely to be up for nightfeeds anyway, it’s perfect timing (here I am, follow me)
  3. YouTube, iPlayer, TV Catch-up and so on are all available for mobile and mean you can watch all the TV programmes you’ve probably missed that evening
  4. Read blogs! I read so many blogs in the early days of feeding; it’s such a good time to catch-up. I even had a special ‘nightfeeds’ folder of my favourites
  5. Blogs are also a great source of support around breastfeeding. I still remember reading Fritha’s post about overcoming her initial problems
  6. As I never seemed to have the time to blog myself during the day, I started drafting posts during feeds by typing them up one-handed on the ‘notes’ app on my phone (I still do this! It’s how I’ve written this post)
  7. I also edit and process all my blog photos on mobile apps like Afterlite, PicFrame, A Beautiful Mess and using the Instagram filters. Top tip: put your phone on the ‘airplane mode’ setting if you want to process but not publish on Instagram
  8. And the WordPress iPhone app is actually OK for publishing posts without having to go on a laptop

If you have a blog to add to my feed reading list, let me know (especially if it’s yours!)

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Tips on blogging and social media for when you're breastfeeding


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  1. Haha! I love this! Social media has given me the courage to explore a lot of parenting ideas I might not have otherwise! My tip is to get someone to help with the basic housework. One less thing to think about.

  2. Kathy Cakebread Kathy Cakebread

    use vaseline for cracked nipples

  3. Susan Susan

    Keep it private as the world dont need to see your boobs

  4. Sarah Parkin Sarah Parkin

    My top tip for breastfeeding is use a band on your wrist to keep track of which side you fed on last.

  5. No tips from me, I’m on the lookout for them being 6 months pregnant. Loving the KBBF posts this week so far

  6. peggy rossiter peggy rossiter

    Give yourself and baby plenty of time. Relax. Eat well and drink lots. Enjoy this special time.

  7. Samantha J Samantha J

    Try different positions to see which is most comfortable for you both

  8. Helen O'Keeffe Helen O'Keeffe

    Use your mobile to enter competitions to win lovely stuff while you are feeding 🙂

  9. Sarah Sarah

    Just relax and enjoy

  10. Mary-Anne Barry Mary-Anne Barry

    Drink tons of water

  11. Jo welsh Jo welsh

    Use a hairband or bracelet round your wrist and change to which side you are using next for feeding sounds silly but you can forget especially if you get baby brain like I did!!!

  12. Victoria Androsova Victoria Androsova

    relax an try to enjoy

  13. Louisa Mayes Louisa Mayes

    Wear nursing tops when going out if you are nervous about feeding in public as they help you be more discreet x

  14. Isabel O'Brien Isabel O'Brien

    I don’t have a tip as I am entering for my sister, but she would say just relax and don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

  15. esther james esther james

    Get as much help as you can with getting the Latch right, it is crucial

  16. Donna McP Donna McP

    This is a great take on the days topic, my smart phone got me through some very late nights feeding, I also had the company of some lovely ladies on twitter in the wee small hours when I was in labour and everyone else in the house was sleeping….. no idea who they are in real life but they were wonderful!
    my top tip would be to get to your local support groups before baby arrives, meet the breastfeeding supporters and local breastfeeding mums. These people and their companionship, support, knowledge and experience will be so valuable to you, and its easier to go to them after baby is born if you have already met them

  17. Lorraine Lorraine

    Learn how to breastfeed lying down. It’s a life saver for endless night feeds.

  18. […] Through hashtags like #3amfc or  #nightfeeds I met a whole load of other mums who were up with babies (however they were feeding). And even at normal times of the day, Twitter mums – and dads –  were and still are a fantastic source of advice and comfort – I really got into Twitter when Arlo was born for similar reasons. Gill from A Baby on Board shares her fab tips about breastfeeding and Social Media […]

  19. Priya Priya

    relax and let go off tension

  20. David O'Brien David O'Brien

    Entering for my wife, she has weapons grade morning-sickness. She’s using the iBaby app. Nervous 1st time Dad.

  21. sc2987 sc2987

    I used to read my Kindle during the long evening feeds in bed…

  22. Alexandra Willetts Alexandra Willetts

    Relax and enjoy, it doesn’t last for ever so treasure it x

  23. Laura Moore Laura Moore

    Be prepared. Do your research on normal newborn behaviour before your baby is born.

  24. stacey kirkbride stacey kirkbride

    have cooling pads waiting in the fridge so you can sooth sore nipples straight after feeding

  25. Emma Emma

    Lie on your side with your head on a pillow. Nestle your baby close to you, with her head in the crook of your arm, her mouth level with your nipple, and her tummy against yours.

  26. Samantha Samantha

    My top tip is never let anyone question your milk supply, if your baby is producing plenty of wet and dirty nappies then your doing a good job 🙂

  27. jessica agyin jessica agyin

    vaseline for cracked nipples

  28. Claire Doyle Claire Doyle

    I breast fed all my three children and now my daughter is due in September and she is going to breast feed too.Every child is different in there needs.

  29. Theresa Theresa

    Relax and enjoy and find what works best for you and your baby.

  30. […] and breastfeeding groups at the start, and the ongoing support of my family and friends (and also Twitter mum friends offering advice, and those like Adele who are also doing extended feeding showing it’s […]

  31. Tracy Hudson Tracy Hudson

    Be comfortable and have everything you need to hand. Bottle of water, snacks, mobile etc

  32. Totally agree Gill! Also keep a big drink nearby. In the early days I kept a sports flask next to the bed so I didn’t have to sit up to drink at those times when you wake up really thirsty! Lying down flat was such a luxury in between feeds, especially post c-section, I didn’t want thirst to make me sit up!

  33. Kate Kate

    Lots of games! Candy Crush all the way!

  34. Samantha Bowes Samantha Bowes

    Brill tips. I spend most of my time playing silly games and reading books on my phone while feeding so I kind of get where you’re coming from.

    I think my best tip would be not to feel guilty about sitting down and feeding and perhaps doing things on your phone. I can only do phone things when my son has drifted off into a boobie milk induced sleep these days as he gets curious about the lights or what mummy’s looking at! But if they’ve fallen asleep whilst feeding you still have to sit there so why sit there staring into space when you can catch up on the world around you!

  35. Annie Costa Annie Costa

    before beginning breastfeeding have everything you need nearby such as your mobile and use moisturizing nipple cream afterwards to sooth cracked nipples.

  36. My tip would be to identify your supporters before you have your baby – make sure they are people you can rely on to give you advice as soon as you need it.

  37. Emily Morris Emily Morris

    I used lanolin ointment on my nipples faithfully morning and night and never experienced any cracking or bleeding when I started nursing.

  38. Sharon Sharon

    Relax, keep calm and enjoy it as much as you can!
    Plus, use a nursing pillow to avoid backache 🙂

  39. Becky John Becky John

    Appreciate that baby will take up much of your time in the early days with demand feeding. Leave chores for others to do as your priority is your baby.

  40. Jennifer Hudson Jennifer Hudson


  41. Rebecca Nisbet Rebecca Nisbet

    Patience! And feed your baby when they are hungry not every two hours


    Relax and let your baby lead 🙂

  43. If it’s hurting, try to concentrate on a TV show. I had several different midwives who all confirmed that I was breastfeeding correctly but what I was experiencing was “let down pain” and I found conversations with friends and television really helped take my mind off it. 🙂

  44. I’d say co sleep (taking precautions to ensure safety) because that’s the only way I got through the nights.

  45. David Conway David Conway

    Bring the baby to the breast not the breast to the baby 🙂

  46. Janine Atkin Janine Atkin

    i havent breastfed yet so im just enjoying the comments and hope i learn something

  47. Ruth Davies Ruth Davies

    have patience!

  48. carol boffey carol boffey

    have patience

  49. louise driscoll louise driscoll

    Give yourself and your baby time. At the start this is new for the pair of you so just enjoy this amazing bonding experience.
    Don’t let anyone hold you back with negative comments.

  50. Samantha R Samantha R

    take the time to get it right

  51. karen dixon karen dixon

    no tip- but would love to win

  52. Emma Nicol Emma Nicol

    Tip relax and the baby will too

  53. donna large donna large

    dont give up if

  54. Becky Downey Becky Downey

    get a good chair

  55. Keep a breastfeeding scarf in your bag, great for keeping snug and private.

  56. […] but that’s maternity leave. You can also use the time to catch-up on social media while you’re breastfeeding; tweet other mums, blog, pin. Watch some great (or trashy) things on Netflix. Just remember to […]

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