Votes for women (and men…and everyone who’s registered to vote)

June 8, 2017

I interrupt these ongoing babyrambles to say GO AND VOTE, GO NOW!

Votes for women

Wait, what do you mean it’s still dark outside and too early even for CBeebies to be on?!

OK I know, I know, it’s been a wave of inescapable political saturation everywhere in the run up to the 2017 General Election and all anyone wants is two minutes of peace and never anyone telling you who to vote for. Again.

But here’s some really quick – promise –  points about *why* I’m voting and why it’s so very important to vote, today, at some point, even if it involves making everyone leave the house which is an impossible enough task at the best of times as we all know far too well:

  • You can’t complain or talk or even mention the outcome if you don’t vote. Especially not online, it’s the law
  • The outcome of this election is incredibly important for both your children and all children and future children, on issues like free school lunches for all (which are important for so many important reasons) and especially school funding. By 2022 93% of schools will have funding cut dramatically, find out more about school cuts and how they differ between parties here
  • It’s also a critical election for students, old people, ill people, people who use the NHS, people who use public services, people who intend to use them at any point in the future or be old in the future, I could go on…
  • If you’re a women under 30 then you’re one of the demographics least likely to vote in the entire country. However, women made up 52% of the electorate in 2015 – your voice is important, make sure you use it (check out SheVotes) I’m no longer under 30 but if that’s you, take note! Also, don’t stress  if your ‘big’ birthday is coming up – your 30s are brilliant
  • It’s also important to show children that you vote so they know how important it is for them to do in the future. Here’s why I’m taking my daughters to vote today.

And finally…

Votes for women sign - go and vote! GE2017

Once you’ve voted it means you can legitimately sing this all day long (makes a change from Moana…no, you’re welcome!)

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