Breakfast like a toddler

October 2, 2014


Here’s what I suspect would be on Eliza’s fantasy breakfast menu:

  • An ice lolly
  • Two Babybells
  • Grapes and blueberries
  • A little bit of CBeebies to watch while she eats

What are mornings like in your house? Ours vary greatly. If it’s a no work, no nursery day, then we’ll potter around and take our time. Usually we’ll have cereal – a healthy one for her, Crunchy Nut Cornflakes for me when she’s not looking – and then toast.

If it’s a nursery and work day, then E will sleep in, of course, and we usually breakfast on the go, while I’m getting us both dressed. If we’re really late then she’ll have a special breakfast of granary toast in the pram (designed to get my pram-refusing toddler in there so I can quickly run us over).

Weekend breakfasts, usually cooked by Alex, tend to be a bit more adventurous and a family affair – boiled egg and soldiers, pancakes and so on.

Eliza has always been a brilliant eater, and has only just started being picky. She can be very opinionated about what she wants, and woe betide you if you get it wrong.

It’s pretty easy for us to find something for her to eat though, but it must be lots harder when your child has a food allergy and there’s lots of food they can’t eat. Do you have any creative ideas for breakfast we can try?

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