Three quirky gifts for three-year-olds

December 21, 2015

Looking for some present ideas for playful three-year-olds (ether very last-minute Christmas gifts…or birthday presents at any time of the year)?

Presents for three-year-olds

I’ve been working  with quirky children’s gift website The Kid Who over the past few months and have already looked at presents for one-year-olds and presents for grown-ups, so here’s my latest picks from the site with some presents for bigger little children.

Mini empire wooden animals

Something to play with – How great is this set of wooden animals from Mini Empire? E is at that age where anything can be a prompt for imaginative and small world play, so I loved this set of wooden animals for the unlimited zoo-scenario potential. They look pretty, too, with detailed doodle-type illustrations on both sides. They’ll go really well with her inherited ark that’s missing most of its inhabitants but is currently ruled by a kick-ass lady Noah figure.

Mushroom nightlight

Something for their bedroom – how about this mini mushroom nightlight? It goes perfectly with the ubiquitous rabbit one that everyone has , and is small, cheerful and fun (and under £5).

Don't eat your neighbours

Something for the wall – we went for this ‘Don’t eat your neighbours’ poster from Human Empire, as it’s going to be all change in our house after Christmas and E will be moving into a much bigger room, which means lots of new wallspace to cover. There’s a really fun choice of posters on the site, and if you don’t have that much space there’s an even bigger choice of cards too that you can’t go wrong with for framing or sticking up with washi tape

(It’s just struck me that this message might be aimed at vegetarians –  is it? – we’re not, but I’m sure any three-year-old will love the animal characters).

What good gift ideas do you have for three-year-olds?

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