Nicknames For David: 51 Of The Best David Nicknames

February 2, 2023

If You’re Deciding On Nicknames For David, Read This List Of The Best David Nicknames

If The Name David Is Top Of Your Baby Name List, Here Are 51 Of The Best David Nicknames

If you’re deciding on the name David for your new baby, and you’re looking for David nickname inspo, read this post for 51 nicknames for David, the David meaning and middle name for David.

Nicknames for David - best David nicknames

David is a classic and strong two syllable name, but if you love using shorter versions of names, there are lots of different nick names you can use, plus funny nicknames for David.

How popular is the name David? We take a look at where David appears on the baby name lists, and also look at the David name meaning.

What Does The Name David Mean? The David Name Meaning

Are you looking for the David name meaning?

The name David is a biblical name of Hebrew origin, and the David meaning is ‘beloved.’

As David is a biblical name, there are David equivalents in many different languages, including Dafydd (Welsh) Davide (French) Davidde (Italian) and Davito (Spanish), among others.

If you like biblical names, other options include Matthew, Daniel, John, Noah, James, Elijah, Joshua, Isaac or Benjamin.

How Popular Is David As A Baby Name?

David meaning - meaning of the name David

How popular is the name David? Is David a rare name?

In the US, David is the 31st most popular name for boys in America.

In October 2022 it was announced that David was the 62nd most popular name for boys in the UK.

Famous People Named David

Looking for famous people named David? Try one of these famous Davids:

David Bowie, legendary musician

David Hasslehoff, actor

David Blaine, magician

Dave, rapper

Searching For Middle Names For David?

Looking for middle names for David?

Read our list of 150 one syllable boy names.

Or you can read our list of unusual boy names and list of 101 unisex names.

51 Nick names For The Name David

Here are 51+ David nicknames:

nicknames for David - best David nicknames

Here are nicknames for David to help you find your perfect David nickname:

  1. Dave
  2. Davy
  3. Davey
  4. Davie
  5. Davis
  6. Davide
  7. Dav
  8. Davs
  9. Davo
  10. Davvo
  11. Da
  12. Das
  13. Daz
  14. D
  15. Day
  16. DayDay
  17. Days
  18. Dayz
  19. Dee
  20. Di
  21. DeeDee
  22. DiDi
  23. DD
  24. Dafydd
  25. Daihbi
  26. Daividh
  27. Daoud
  28. Dauf
  29. Davidde
  30. Davito
  31. Daveed
  32. Dewey
  33. Davidek
  34. Daved

Cute And Funny David Nicknames

Here are cute and funny nicknames for David:

  1. Mr D
  2. D-Dog
  3. Dave The Rave
  4. Rave
  5. Ravey Davey
  6. Baby David
  7. Davidoff
  8. Davos
  9. Davon
  10. Devon
  11. Dash
  12. Dad
  13. Da Vinchi
  14. Dev
  15. Bowie
  16. Dud
  17. Duds
  18. Dudz

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