Our new found love for Lego tape

May 15, 2017

Just wanted to post about something new that everyone in our house loves; Lego tape (have you seen it?)

Lego tape - sticky plastic tape that lets you play with Lego anywhere you stick it (how brilliant?)

I bought some in a moment of weakness after being followed around Facebook by ads for it for what seemed like most of my life. Like most of those types of things, I thought it couldn’t possibly be as good as it looked on the website.

But guess what? It’s surprisingly great.

Playing with Lego tape - flexible sticky plastic tape you can play Lego on

If you haven’t been spammed by a Lego tape Facebook ad, it’s basically bendy plastic tape with Lego treads on that you can stick to any surface, meaning you can build Lego creations anywhere – walls, ceilings, the end of your bed…

Playing with Toy tape - sticky Lego tape that sticks anywhere so you can play with Lego on all surfaces

If, like us, you have loads of Lego lying around your house then Lego tape is also a handy way of getting it out of the way, meaning there’s less chance of you stepping on it. If you have any mini –  or big – Lego fans in your house then it’s brilliant fun. We bought our generic, non-branded version from here. Not an ad or sponsored post, we just really like it.

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