Five things for the weekend

January 16, 2015


Hi, Friday…where has the week gone? I have about ten posts I meant to publish still in drafts. I would blame doing my tax return, but I’ve not done that yet either.

We do have a sleep adverse baby at the moment. Usually to be found sleeping on one of us until we go to bed, she now wants to party all evening instead. I don’t mind; I have a theory it’s a bid for this second sister to get some time alone with us – and we love it – but yes, still getting nothing done.

So here’s five really random thoughts for the end of the week.

1) After writing about not going to playgroup in three months, we finally made it back to playgroup this week. And you know what? It was absolutely fine. Good, even. Florence slept in the sling, I had actual conversations with other mums, and Eliza loved it so much she didn’t want to go home.

2) I know it’s been shared everywhere, but have you seen the St John Ambulance video about stopping your child from choking?

3) Did you know ASOS now has a range of nursing clothes? I’m on a maternity leave spending ban, but accidentally bought this breastfeeding top. My only problem – why are so many breastfeeding clothes also for maternity? They are not (often) mutually exclusive and it means the fit is really out. Also, if you’re up feeding your baby, follow The Night Feed for interesting articles, links and middle of the night chat.

4) It’s Eliza’s birthday soon, and we’re having a mini gathering for her at home. Does anyone have any good toddler party tips?

5) And finally, completely indulgent mum status but there’s a story I put over on Instagram about Eliza, Flo and the sticker that kind of made my week (I’m gill_c if anyone wants to follow me).

Also, baby chairs and a seriously lovely change bag.

Have a great weekend x

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