Five signs maternity leave is over

October 7, 2015

1) I’m on cup of tea number three that I made and drank while *still hot.* Just for the novelty factor, of course, not because everyone in my house was up all night coughing and I need all the caffeine…

2) This morning I ate a piece of toast and didn’t have to share it. I’m going to have some chocolate biscuits shortly, in plain sight, with absolutely no hiding behind the fridge door

3) The house was eerily quiet until I put on a Spotify playlist (that didn’t include a) Let it Go b) any Disney songs c) Star Wars music)

4) My boobs feel like they might explode shortly

5) I miss my baby!

selfies 2 selfies

It’s all change in our household today, as our littlest family member and random selfie-takerĀ starts nursery and I’m starting work again editing TalkMum.

Maternity leave is incredibly different second-time-round, isn’t it? And my circumstances are very different this time (as freelance I work from home and it’s only two nursery days a week) but even so I feel a million different things about everything at the moment, from the inevitable nursery guilt and rising mum-anxiety through to looking forward to concentrating on something for longer than thirty seconds.

(If anyone’s ever interested in writing anything for TalkMum then just let me know). But first, tea, anyone? x


  • Sugar&Rhubarb

    October 7, 2015 at 10:45 pm

    What?!?! There’s a point when you can eat a biscuit in plain sight?!?! You’ve literally just made me SO happy! Happier than the words ‘Boden Sale, with additional 20% off sale prices and free delivery.’
    TalkMum looks awesome. When Big Red is at nursery tomorrow and Little Red takes a nap, I’m spending my time with a hot cup of tea, chocolate biscuit and having a good old read! x

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