Autumnal reds and nursery blues

October 2, 2015

Hands holding conkers Autumnal red leaves

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness? Although I love the idea of autumn, in practice it’s never quite as nice as you were expecting. Less warm cosy woollens and more cold and damp coats. Leaves on the line rather than crunching through them underfoot.

Bubble blowing in the park

But the past couple of days have been glorious. Blue skies framed with a tiny hint of frost, no coats at all and proper park weather. This is the type of seasonal change I can happily get on board with. And dry my washing in *cough*.

Swinging in the park

Although the big school start for us is next year, this year Eliza went up to the pre-school room at nursery, head-first and happily excited, coming home full of confidence and chat at what she’s learned that day and a million pictures she’s drawn. And her sister? This time last year I was two weeks away from giving birth. And now…

This week we went to her first settling in session at nursery. While I’m excited about work and it’s only two days, nursery is the big wrench for my littlest baby and it seems like it’s come round so quickly.

Although I hope and hope and hope she won’t, I know she’ll really hate it at first because she’s so attached and exactly the same as Eliza was. I look back at that time and look at Eliza now and know now it’ll be fine quickly, it’s just….hard.

“So what else does Florence like?” they asked me.

How do you encapsulate your child, 11 and a half months of pure flesh and love, down to a few sentences? She is more, like every child, than the sum of her nap time schedule. She’s the second sun I orbit around, half of each beat of my heart. She’s the shiniest conker that’s just fallen from the tree. And so little; while we amble warmly into winter, she’s still the earliest of spring.

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