Four fifths of Finding Dory…

August 21, 2016

Would it be a terrible idea to take a fidgety and very active 22-month-old toddler to see Finding Dory at the cinema? – Question I asked myself this week when the opportunity arose (our friends were going, E has been wanting to go for ages, it sounded fun – what’s the worst that could happen?)

Finding Dory and Finding Nemo - what happens when you take a toddler to the cinema?

I felt positive. I felt optimistic.

Text conversation between me and my husband that followed:

  • Me: What are the chances of F sitting through an entire film at the cinema?
  • Him: Zero
  • Me: Oh

I felt…slightly less optimistic.

But as it turned out…?

Florence was transfixed by the screen and reclined happily upon me for the vast majority of the film. She turned slightly fidgety during the final 5th, wailed and lurched towards the aisle while I frantically tried to gather all our things so we could leave for fear of disturbing the whole paying cinema. But then she fell asleep. Which meant I got to watch the end and everything. What are the chances?

I’d heard a few negative things about Finding Dory and how sad it was, which it was, for parents especially I think (but it’s also also happy – not giving anything away here). I probably would have shed a tear or two if I’d watched the entire thing as you normally watch a film and not with a toddler using you as a deck chair while you’re sat, tensed, ready for something, anything to go wrong. Eliza loved it though.

Finding Dory - should you take a toddler?

Other random things we have also been doing this week:

  • Dancing to Blue Da Ba Bee about a million times (yes, the 90s University cheese club classic – they love it. They especially love the video, which is a brilliantly dated video game with special effects)
  • Playing ‘Olympics’, mainly involving jumping on the cushions and doing ‘gymnastics’ by swinging between the two sofa arms. I imagine this scene has been repeated in homes across the world. I already miss the Olympics!
  • Still not buying school shoes. Still pondering this
  • Still having no idea where these are going…
  • Thinking hurrah, the Night Tube has started – oh wait, it’s not of much use to me at the moment (other ways London changes when you’re a parent)

Anyone seen Finding Dory? Or been up to anything particularly interesting?

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  • Molly

    August 22, 2016 at 12:03 pm

    Oh Em Gee. Blue is, like, my most favourite song of all time. I know – I have THE BEST music taste. Honestly though, that song was a special holiday classic one year and I can still remember the moves we made up to it in the disco and then later in nightclubs. We even had it (and danced those same moves) at my wedding!

  • Shirley Edwards

    August 23, 2016 at 10:57 am

    I remember taking 6 children with two friends and realising I was the only awake adult&I in charge of all the children was a restless time for me

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