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January 31, 2016

Tulips and F letter print

How lovely is Florence’s F painting? It was a first birthday present, created by my really talented artist sister-in-law (here’s her Facebook page, and you can also see the A-Z she made for Eliza’s first birthday – behind the angry Angry Bird).

Five other random F-themed things from the past few weeks:

  1. Florence is officially the flying baby after taking a giant leap up and over the end of the bed we were both sat on, resulting in a trip to A&E. All fine, thankfully, but arghhh
  2. Two things that are finally, finally done this month: the big school application (here’s all my thoughts after submitting it) and the dreaded tax return (still haven’t decided on my post-tax return present-to-self yet, any ideas?)
  3. A few other posts…Marie Kondo and the art of messy children, mistakes I’m inevitably making this year, our trip to Cambridge with Stokke, it’s list month over on TalkMum and here’s Katie’s latest video
  4. Food…we’ve been trying out the Tefal Cusine Companion for a review. Lots of curry and lots of scones, not together, thankfully, although it might work, maybe?
  5. And next week is all about FOUR, as the oldest little in our house has a big birthday.

And of course, F is also for February, which starts very shortly.

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