Eliza: A Baby Update At Six Months

August 24, 2012

Here’s Our Six Month Baby Update

I wasn’t going to write a six month baby update this  month, as I had thought that there would only be tiny developments which would verge on the tedious for everyone apart from the Grandmas.

However, six months for babies seems like a massive turning point! She’s changed so much in such a short space of time, and half a year seemed like a pivotal place so I thought this seemed a good a point as any for another one.

Eliza - a baby update at six months

6 Month Baby Development And Changes

So, six months! We’ve had teething – still no pesky teeth though – and we also started weaning.

However the biggest changes have been physical. She’s grown, loads, and doesn’t even seem like a baby any more but a proper little person in miniature. Again, where did my tiny baby go? She is now constantly babbling and making pterodactyl sounds at top volume, especially on train journeys and when we’re at the library. Apart from when she’s identifying new things to gnaw on (phones, remote controls, baby wipe packets).

She’s Starting Sitting At Six Months

This month she started properly sitting with no support, and can now manoeuvre herself around on the floor on her front. I’m not sure crawling is that far in the future – eek – so baby-proofing our gadget-filled flat is fast becoming a priority.

We’re planning on moving her out of our room this weekend…well that’s the plan, anyway (I’ve been really reluctant to up to now). Her haywire sleep is better, but lots of people told me she may sleep through without the two of us to disturb her. Which can only be a good thing all round.

She has recently started sleeping on her side and also on her front on a few occasions, which was terrifying the first time I saw it (and had me frantically googling ‘is it OK for my baby to sleep on her front?’ Apparently yes, as long as she gets there herself. Thanks again, Babycentre).

Half A Year Of Breastfeeding – And Mastitis

Also to celebrate six months of breastfeeding, this month I had the special gift of mastitis. So that hurts, right? I woke up with a red lumpy boob, and feeding on that side felt like knitting needles were being drawn through it. By mid afternoon the knitting needles felt like sewing needles, I felt like I had the flu and I was googling ‘what are the symptoms of mastitis?’

Luckily I had a pre-booked doctors appointment that evening and was given antibiotics, but it still hung around for longer than welcome. Ouch.

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