All at sea

June 20, 2016

Calippo thief

Help, how do you entertain two small children cooped up in a house that resembles a building site, when it’s raining? Will it all come flooding back? I think I’ve forgotten…

It’s my first day back at ‘work’ following our holiday (we actually left the house this time, I know! We went on an extended family holiday on a big big boat which was lovely. More holiday spam to follow, probably). I’m worried my two mini bosses won’t make any allowances and will expect a top mothering performance.

I didn’t actually didn’t mean to take a really long break from blogging, it just kind of happened. There was so much stuff before I went away, from this times two to this and building work and everything else, I felt overwhelmed and submerged by it all (does everyone feel like that some of the time?) I had meant to write some things for when were away but then everything predictably piled up, and on the last night before we left when everything was looking calm and clear the baby turned an unexpected shade of green. Which I should have expected really, because what’s motherhood if not constantly being on your toes?

And then the middle of the ocean and mobile reception didn’t mix, so my laptop stayed shut and it was a proper break. And although the holiday was relaxing in the way anything is when you’re running around after small excited children, with the added worry of them going overboard, I feel about a million times more chilled out which I hope will last.

So that’s my little life update, and I’m back – along with all the holiday washing and no chance of drying it *shakes fist at the British weather.*


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