34 weeks pregnant: the lowdown

September 8, 2014

What’s it like to be 34 weeks pregnant?

Here’s an update from 34 weeks pregnant, with a 34 weeks pregnant blog, bump shot and pregnancy symptoms…

34 weeks pregnancy bump shot

So – 34 weeks pregnant…

An emergency growth scan at 34 weeks pregnant

The good news about the emergency growth scan I mentioned last week is that everything is absolutely fine. It turns out the baby is head down and really, really low in my pelvis. This explains why I was a) measuring so small and b) am finding it ever-so-slightly more uncomfortable to walk recently.

The baby’s head is actually so low that they couldn’t even measure it, although the rest of what they saw was spot on for dates. But apparently this doesn’t mean there will be any surprise early arrivals. This is reassuring, as I think I may have mentioned the denial (although my parents were up this week to help me get everything ready. Aren’t mums brilliant?)

Scans and more pregnancy monitoring

It was all sorted scan-wise after a whole week – a week! – of chasing the doctors. hospital, midwifes, the ultrasound department and the midwives again and again, with everyone pinging me back to someone else, phones that never got answered, and voicemail after voicemail. The head midwife eventually picked it up and sorted it out ASAP, telling me that “heads will roll!” She also arranged for me to go in for monitoring to be on the safe side, so I had half an hour of lying on the bed listening to the heartbeat, thinking about how lovely it will be to meet the baby. In time though; we’re all in no rush.

What else has been happening at 34 weeks pregnant?

This was a moment of calm in the stormy sea of a pretty frustrating week all round. I also had hours of phone chasing and battling certain Swedish furniture companies (mentioning no names, IKEA). Our sofa saga is relentlessly boring, even to me, but they eventually arrived late, in several parts, over several days. And in the end only because I cried “But I’m nine months pregnant, I can’t sit on the FLOOR!” Hope everyone’s had a better week x.

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  • Emma

    September 8, 2014 at 7:54 am

    Oh Jeez! Ikea! What a nightmare Gill 🙁

    Glad everything is ok with the baby, although it sounds really uncomfortable! oo cannot wait to see those scrumptious newborn photos!

  • Mummy Says

    September 8, 2014 at 2:17 pm

    Gosh you poor thing. So glad the scan was fine – it must have been awful having to chase people like that. And how annoying about that sofa – talk about stress you don’t need right now! Hope you are putting your feet us as I type and getting a rest. And hope you are more comfy too! Thank goodness for mums. Getting so excited for you x

  • Mummy’s to do list

    September 8, 2014 at 10:50 pm

    Glad to hear everything is fine. We’ve always had extra scans with both pregnancies but ended up having an extra extra one with Little Mister as I measured big for dates at about 23 weeks. Turned out to be nothing, though he was bigger than we’d expected at birth! Don’t envy the uncomfy pelvis. I found the last few weeks much more uncomfortable second time round (sorry!) but the actual birth and recovery much easier (yay and hope you do too).

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