A Baby on Board and Not on the High Street

Have a new baby on board? Congratulations! And have you heard about the  new range from Not on the High Street to celebrate its sponsorship of the TFL ‘Baby on Board’ badge?

Here’s how to get a Baby on Board badge if you want one of your own. It’s completely free, but wearing the badge tends to divide opinion, doesn’t it?

Baby on Board badge range from Not on the High Street - keyring and memory box

That aside, each badge now comes with a NOTHS catalogue featuring the new range of branded merchandise, and you’ll also get a 10% discount from the site. Be warned though, the badges are now posted out in a clearly branded envelope. So make sure you don’t get it sent to work before you’re ready to tell everyone. Awkward… Continue reading

Future mum of two? Here’s my (non) advice…

Painted wall art, London

So the world is on high alert for news of the new royal baby, in case you’ve failed to notice as you’ve been living on Mars, or under a rock, or just, you know, really busy (as an aside, surely the only thing worse than your baby being late is your baby being late and the whole world watching and tapping it’s fingers, like an omnipresent ‘have you had that baby text?’ It’s the last thing you need when you’re whale-like and beyond frustrated). And as a result absolutely everywhere is awash with advice to the Duchess of Cambridge as a future mum of two.

As someone who was in that same position really recently, I can confirm that it’s not just limited to poor old Princess Kate. I’m not sure what it is about second babies, but people love to give you parenting advice, completely unprompted. You grow bump #2 and all of a sudden it seems everyone has an opinion, from old women in the supermarket to strangers on the internet.

And you know what? Continue reading

Tummy time in the Night Garden

ITNG new tummy time book for babiesDo you do a lot of tummy time with your babies? Neither of mine were massive fans to start with, but Florence actually prefers being on her front now she can roll over and move by herself. She likes it even more if there are things for her to look at and play with (current favourites include the balls from her play gym and Eliza’s stuffed Iggle Piggle toy. Shhh, don’t tell her). Continue reading

An open letter to sleep, from a tired mum of two

An open letter to sleep, from a tired mum of two

Dear Sleep,

Remember me? We used to be best friends, but then four years ago we fell out. I know it was something I did and not something I said; getting pregnant isn’t a sure-fire route to nights of blissful slumber, is it? And when the pregnancy insomnia was replaced by a baby who much preferred being awake at all times, I suspected we might not see you again for a while.

But then you returned, and relented, and were there holding my hand for long toddler naps and even whole nights. We were getting on so well, weren’t we? And then I went and got pregnant again. I optimistically thought that this time…this time you might look kindly on us.

And now? Continue reading

Being a rainbow in someone else’s cloud

Bournemouth beach

‘Try to be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.’ Maya Angelou

Did you know that this week is Parkinson’s Awareness Week? It’s a condition that affects about 127,000 people in the UK. That’s one in every 500 people, including my dad and two other family members.

I’ve written before about the impact Parkinson’s has. It’s not a completely gloomy forecast, nor an instant one – it starts as the cloud on the horizon, not an immediate downpour – but it’s something that’s gradually always overhead. Continue reading

The one where we have afternoon tea with Elmo

Elmo and Cookie Monster toys - CBeebies Furchester Hotel

Have you seen The Furchester Hotel? It’s the new CBeebies children’s TV programme featuring a whole host of furry muppets, monsters and some of the Sesame Street characters, who all work together to run a hotel. You’ll know if you’ve seen it, because you’ll be happily singing the Furchester songs for the rest of your days (no exaggeration).

To celebrate the release of new episodes of the programme as well as the launch of a new range of Furchester toys, we were invited to have afternoon tea with none other than Elmo, as well as some of the other characters from the show.  I’m not sure which member of our family was more excited.

So what was it like to meet the great red man (?) himself? Continue reading

The hunt for summer breastfeeding dresses

It’s really hard to find nice clothes that you can wear when you’re breastfeeding, isn’t it? Tops are easy (just go for your usual and do the vest trick) but dresses are more difficult, especially if you’re not too keen on a wrap or shirt dress style.

Stylish breastfeeding, nursing and maternity dresses - Happy Mum London review

As the warmer weather is on the way – finally! – I really want to be able to wear dresses and not have to worry about boob access restrictions. So I’ve been trying out the Lucky breastfeeding dress. Continue reading