The Science Museum, revisited




We first took Eliza to the Science Museum in London when she was pretty tiny (cruising but not walking, which is forever ago). She enjoyed it at the time, but in the style of living in London and being lazy, we’d not made it back since. I’d actually been more as a child – living over three hours away in the country – than my London-dwelling daughter. I know she’s only two, but still…

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36 weeks pregnant: bad days and baby brain

36 weeks pregnancy update and bump shot

Does being pregnant make bad days worse, or do they just seem worse because you’re already balancing precariously on the high hormonal tightrope of pregnancy?

I’m not sure, but in the interests of sharing my pain, here’s the top three most ridiculous things I’ve done this time round. Baby brain? You decide:

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My quest for the perfect maternity jeans

The best maternity jeans from Mothercare

Perfect maternity jeans - boyfriend fit

Maternity jeans are like fairy tales, if you think about it. You have to kiss a lot of frogs (try on / buy a lot of pairs) before you find your prince (the ever-elusive pair that looks great, stays up and is comfortable).

But I think I might have finally found mine, and they’re not from where I would have expected…

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The third trimester: the things *no-one* ever tells you

What the third trimester of pregnancy is really like

I’ve said it before, but pregnancy is really not a glamorous time, is it? ¬†And this is never truer than the later stages. I’m not sure when it happens, but at one point you’re strolling happily along the second trimester, then all of a sudden you hit 30 weeks and wham – you’re just about to give birth. And boy, does your body know it. There’s a tipping point, and it’s usually you (with a weighty front load and absolutely no balance).

I wrote a few months ago about the things no-one tells you about pregnancy, and realised recently – while not being able to walk properly due to a baby head wedged in my pelvis – that there’s a whole new set for the final couple of months.

So say farewell to your feet; here are the agonies and indignities of the third trimester.

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Playing snap with the Gruffalo

Reveiw of the Gruffalo ipad app

As new baby time is so nearly upon us, I’ve been thinking about ways to keep Eliza occupied when I’m breastfeeding. If Baby 2 is anything like her then we will do this an awful lot.

While I don’t want to have to rely on the iPad and the TV, I’m pretty sure a limited amount of screen time will come in handy. I wrote about our favourite toddler apps on TalkMum recently, and we’ve also been trying out the brand new Gruffalo: Games app, launched in honour of the 15th anniversary of the book. Continue reading

Afternoon tea for two (and a half)

Afternoon tea, The Sanderson Hotel

Looking for the best place to have afternoon tea in London? Last week Eliza and I braved the joys of public transport and Oxford Street on a weekday, and headed over for the Mad Hatter’s afternoon tea at The Sanderson Hotel with the guys from Netflix.

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33 weeks pregnant: measuring up

33 weeks pregnant, bump shot

“So, you’re measuring slightly small…” The midwife said, as she hovered above me with the tape measure.

I have to admit, my mind had been elsewhere at that point (my train of thought had included: Oh, how lovely to listen to the heartbeat just now. What shall I have for breakfast no2? Wouldn’t Eliza love the toy horse that’s in the office? Isn’t lying on the bed relaxing? What’s on my to-do list today? Need to write loads of emails. What shall we have for dinner?) But even when I realised what she said, I wasn’t really worried. Isn’t that what midwives always say?

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The soundtrack to my 6am


When do toddlers turn into teenagers who never want to get out of bed? Tell me it’s soon, please. Although Eliza’s moved on quite a lot from her days of 5.30am starts, and occasionally we’ll even get an astounding 8am out of her (on nursery days, of course) most of the time she’s up just after six and raring to go.

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