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All at sea

Calippo thief

Help, how do you entertain two small children cooped up in a house that resembles a building site, when it’s raining? Will it all come flooding back? I think I’ve forgotten…

It’s my first day back at ‘work’ following our holiday (we actually left the house this time, I know! We went on an extended family holiday on a big big boat which was lovely. More holiday spam to follow, probably). I’m worried my two mini bosses won’t make any allowances and will expect a top mothering performance. Continue reading All at sea

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Five ideas for a Mr Men children’s party

Thinking of hosting a Mr Men children’s party? The Mr Men were the stuff of childhood legends when I was growing up and are now favourites of both my girls (and most children, surely?) The books don’t age and are still brilliant, years on.

We have recently had pirates and superheroes as children’s birthday parties but I reckon Mr Men would make a great theme. And how colourful? Here’s some ideas if you’re thinking of hosting your own themed Mr Men children’s party:

Mr Men birthday party ideas for children - thinking of hosting a Mr Men themed party? Here's a list of fun party ideas for kids

Continue reading Five ideas for a Mr Men children’s party