Nesting, nesting, 1-2-3


It’s hard to pick apart what’s been nesting over the past nine months, and what’s just been our house renovation. We’ve done all the major work now and have stopped anything else till it all settles down with the baby (as much fun as it was painting skirting boards hugely pregnant, it’s quite nice to have a break now). So we’re at the cosy-making and prettifying stage at the moment. Continue reading

A (new) baby on board



Looking back to when I was pregnant, way back in the swirly mists of time, I wrote a post on things I’d completely forgotten about newborns, about, well, that really. I was worried that I couldn’t and wouldn’t remember anything about tiny babies, used as I was to brilliant mini-giant toddlers who eat the food off your plate, sleep all night and actually have an opinion (“Topsy and Tim please! No, that one”)

Well the new baby has been here a few days, and we’ve been holed up at home in the really cosy baby bubble that seems to consist of feeds, changing babygro after babygro and eating cake. And the good news (apart from all that)?

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Slightly alternative ways to induce labour


Throughout this pregnancy, I’ve mentioned several times that I was in no hurry for the baby to arrive. Me? I’d never be one of those impatient people complaining about a non-arrival for weeks and weeks. I would be calm and patient and serene, and waft around in floaty kaftans, meditating and chatting introspectively to my navel. ‘Baby will come when baby is ready’ intoned the woman on my hypnobirthing MP3, and I’d nod sagely.

So what now, now that I’m late?

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39 weeks pregnant: on time


An awful lot of pregnancy is spent marking time, isn’t it? There’s being late, the date on the digital test, the week + days count up and count down, the 12 and 20 week scan, the 24 week viability milestone, full term, due dates, going so many days overdue. It can, at times, feel like a constant tick tock against a giant invisible biological clock.

I was nearly two weeks overdue when I was born, and in real life I am almost always late. But despite being the most impatient person in the world normally, I’ve felt in no rush for this pregnancy to end. I’m relishing the time spent with Eliza, and our last days as a three. And, of course, the luxury of couple of days to myself.
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Advice to my future self, mother of two


We spent this weekend together as a family of three, knowing it could be the final one before we become four. Looking back at last time we were about to have a baby, we had no idea what was coming. It’s difficult to ready yourself for the unexpected though, isn’t it?

This time we feel far more prepared, and I’m not just talking lots of cot sheets and tiny nappies. But even though we’ve been there once, facing it again is incredibly exciting and ever-so-slightly daunting at the same time.

But like a bus that seems to take forever to arrive, I am very nearly due. So as I teeter on the brink of giving birth, I wanted to give my future self some advice about the early baby days…here goes.

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