Presents for playful one-year-olds

What are the best presents to buy for one-year-olds, especially when they’re the second child? A certain little someone has a very significant birthday coming up and I’m on the look-out for present ideas.

The best presents for one-year-olds

It’s actually really hard when you already have so much stuff around from the first child, isn’t it? I really feel that anything we buy now has to be completely different, beautiful or useful, and will minimise the inevitable child-clutter. Continue reading

I want my Miffy TV

Miffy wall art for children's rooms

Customisable Miffy wall art for children's rooms

Hands up who loves Miffy? I’ve written before about our love for the little white rabbit who celebrated a big birthday this year. The Miffy books and iconic Dick Bruna illustrations were a childhood favourite of mine and it’s a love I’m passing down to both children  (we even used a Miffy book to explain to Eliza that baby Florence was on the way). Continue reading

Autumnal reds and nursery blues

Hands holding conkers Autumnal red leaves

Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness? Although I love the idea of autumn, in practice it’s never quite as nice as you were expecting. Less warm cosy woollens and more cold and damp coats. Leaves on the line rather than crunching through them underfoot.

Bubble blowing in the park

But the past couple of days have been glorious. Blue skies framed with a tiny hint of frost, no coats at all and proper park weather. This is the type of seasonal change I can happily get on board with. And dry my washing in *cough*.

Swinging in the park

Although the big school start for us is next year, this year Eliza went up to the pre-school room at nursery, head-first and happily excited, coming home full of confidence and chat at what she’s learned that day and a million pictures she’s drawn. And her sister? This time last year I was two weeks away from giving birth. And now…

This week we went to her first settling in session at nursery. While I’m excited about work and it’s only two days, nursery is the big wrench for my littlest baby and it seems like it’s come round so quickly.

Although I hope and hope and hope she won’t, I know she’ll really hate it at first because she’s so attached and exactly the same as Eliza was. I look back at that time and look at Eliza now and know now it’ll be fine quickly, it’s just….hard.

“So what else does Florence like?” they asked me.

How do you encapsulate your child, 11 and a half months of pure flesh and love, down to a few sentences? She is more, like every child, than the sum of her nap time schedule. She’s the second sun I orbit around, half of each beat of my heart. She’s the shiniest conker that’s just fallen from the tree. And so little; while we amble warmly into winter, she’s still the earliest of spring.

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10 unexpectedly brilliant benefits of being the second baby

10 unexpectedly brilliant benefits of being the second baby

Coming second gets a bad press, doesn’t it? Everybody wants to come first, win, be the one in charge and in control.

But is it really so bad being a second baby?

OK, so if you’re second you’ll probably never get to ride on the buggy board (which is a lot of fun for your sister when she learns how to use her foot as a break, not so much for your mum). And you won’t get to watch Peppa Pig (banned long ago in our household for the sheer repetitive annoyance factor).

But there’s so many positives, not least the honed skills your parents have from doing the trial run with your older sibling. Neglected Second Child Syndrome? It’s more like you should be counting your amazing subsequent baby blessings.

So for Florence, me, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana and all the other second born babies, here’s what’s brilliant about it:  Continue reading

26 things I’m too tired for as a tired, tired mum

Things I'm too tired for as a tired mum of two

A few nights ago I was lying on the sofa, with wine that I was too physically tired to lift my hand to drink. ‘Go to bed!’ My shocked husband said. But I was too tired for that, even.

I know it’s the same old sleepy story, but parents are just generally, well, tired aren’t they? Pregnancy insomnia turns into newborn exhaustion and then that leads into a whole other world of weariness. Even if you have children that sleep  then it’s still a long day with your bed waiting hopefully at the end of it when you’re all played out. Then you have another and do it all over again, but with no stop gap for sneaky naps this time.

As the old adage goes, if you’re tired of London you’re tired of life. But if you’re just plain tired of being tired, you’re probably just a parent.

So stop stifling a yawn there at the back. Here’s all the things I’m too tired for, now I’m a mum of two: Continue reading

Golden tickets

Charlie and the chocolate factory cushion

One of the things everyone told me about having a second child was that you really miss spending time with your first. Which sounds weird because you’re probably still with them the same amount of time, and as it is the three of us bump along happily throughout the week. But it is very different; your attention is divided, the baby places lots of limits on what you can do and clearly it’s not just the two of you any more. Continue reading

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