Plus one month: four and a half weeks of Florence


So one month in, how are we getting on with our newborn? It’s all a lot better than I’d thought. So many things – from pregnancy, through to the birth, recovery and the early baby days – have been easier and more enjoyable. Is Florence a less difficult baby? I don’t think so, but it just seems like she is. I’ve loved, loved having a newborn this time.

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A capsule Christmas in your suitcase

Essential items for spending Christmas abroad

This year will be the first we’ve hosted Christmas at our new house, so I’m pretty excited about the decorating potential. But have you ever spent Christmas out of the country? I was in India and Thailand on my pre and post Uni gap years, and then went away with my family to a family friend’s villa in Spain a few years back.

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The best (winter) dresses for breastfeeding

Dresses suitable for breastfeeding in winter

Are you looking for stylish winter dresses suitable for breastfeeding…that you actually want to wear? I’d forgotten how hard it is to find nice, non-frumpy feeding clothes, especially if you want something that’s fitted or different than a wrap dress.

Enter Milk & Mummy, a site that aims to sell beautiful breastfeeding clothes for stylish mums, suitable for all occasions – from playgroups to parties. It’s the brainchild of a mum who found it tricky to find chic and stylish clothes for breastfeeding her own children (sound familiar?).

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On not getting anything done when you have a newborn


One of the things that all mums of two said to me about having another child is that you never have any spare time.

Now we’re a month in? It is SO true. It’s not like I had a massive amount of time to myself beforehand, but all of the day – and most of the night – at the moment is taken up by the newborn and the toddler, separately and simultaneously. Apart from about an hour or so in the evening when I try and manically multitask while the baby sleeps on her dad, right before we go to bed.

So yes, there is no spare time and it’s hard to get much done, despite there being so many things I probably should be doing (don’t mention Christmas shopping).

But what do we actually do all day?

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Breastfeeding the second-born


Three years ago this month, I was sat in a house with the rest of my NCT group, listening to a lady wax lyrical about the joys of boobs. It was the breastfeeding session of the course, and the first task was to tell everyone about the last person we saw feed their baby. Me: ‘Erm…no idea, sorry!’ It’s fair to say I was completely clueless.

We also didn’t get off to the best start with breastfeeding, Eliza and I. There were lots of issues. But also, luckily enough, a lot of support. At some point we did figure it out, it clicked, and we went on to feed for nearly two and a half years, a fact unfathomable to me in the early days.

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How not to talk to a new mum; a handy guide


When I was pregnant I wrote a guide on how not to talk to pregnant women, based on the large amount of inappropriate things that people tend to say when faced with a baby bump (shortly after, this happened, proving my point somewhat).

Since having the baby, it’s struck me that exactly the same could be applied for when you’re a new mum. Admittedly, this time of your life does bring with it a certain amount of hormonal sensitivity, sleep deprivation and uncertainty about your post-baby body, but then there are the wrong things to say that can wind even the most thick-skinned person up.

So here’s a handy guide for how not to talk to women who’ve just had a baby (along with some suggestions about what’s actually safe to say).

What *not* to say to a new mum…

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In search of the retro TV of my childhood

The Teletubbies

TV always seemed brilliant when we were young, didn’t it? Even though there were only four channels and they all shut down overnight, there was no live pause or rewind and no streaming *gasp*. It was entertaining and exciting and fun (I think; I could be looking back with a rose-tinted sense of nostalgia though).

I don’t remember any set limits on screen time as we only ever watched a tiny bit due to always being outside. But there was always after school, where you’d fit in as much Broom Cupboard as possible before tea, bath and bed.

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