My notes from a neurotic first time motherhood

me and baby E

What completely neurotic, fussy, overprotective, OTT things did you do as a first-time parent that you wouldn’t dream of doing now?

It’s easily done – as soon as you have a baby you’re suddenly thrust head first into a whole new world, where you have little or no clue what you’re doing and there’s a steep and screamy learning curve, a small margin for error and definitely no instruction book. It’s easy to over think things (I think…right?).

I’m fairly relaxed – well, my husband definitely is – but even so, I look back now on some of the things we did as new parents and kind of cringe. And there’s nothing like second baby perspective to make you realise the error of your first-time ways.

So here are some of mine: Continue reading

How to make a (really, really easy) felt ball garland

I’ve been looking at buying a felt ball garland for Eliza’s room for a while now, until it recently occurred to me that I could actually make one. For some reason thought they’d be a lot trickier to make than they are; turns out they actually pretty simple.

Making an easy felt ball garland - how to guide

IKEA hack spice rack bookshelves, and ihow to make an easy felt ball garland

What you need to make a felt ball garland:

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Some things I’ve learned about two

So five months in, what’s it really like as a mum of two children?

life with two children

Here’s ten things I’ve learned about life with two:

  1. You spend a lot of time saying slightly surreal things like ‘geeeeeentle’ ‘watch her head!’ and ‘no, let’s not play your sister like a bongo’
  2. The probability of it all kicking off at the same time is an X Factor style 110 %. But the moments where it’s all calm and under control will make you want to run about screaming ‘YEAH! I CAN DO THIS!’
  3. You look at everyone with more than two children in awe
  4. The toddler will have the baby in hysterics without even trying, and there’s nothing better than this
  5. Things there are never enough of – time, hands, sleep, baby wipes, Babybels, clean muslins when you need one, hours in the day for you to moan about lack of sleep and hands,yourself, annoyed looks you can give the people who say ‘you must have your hands full’
  6. Occasionally you get a forward-looking glimpse of a future where it’s the two of them vs you. This is both slightly weird and completely brilliant
  7. You develop the double dry hands of doom from twice as much hand washing
  8. It’s inevitable that at some point the baby will be covered in stickers
  9. You’ll become an expert at navigating curbs, road bumps and high pavements with a toddler who is balanced on one leg on the buggy board. They’ve only fallen off once
  10. In spite of all your reservations, you kind of sort of maybe want a third…shhh.

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Get well soon

A short note from the sickbay; we have a plague house this week. Eliza has tonsillitis. She’s hardly ever ill, so it’s been very strange. We knew something was up when she started refusing Calpol (I’m pleased to report that Calpol still tastes as good as I remember though. Why don’t more things taste of Calpol? One of the greatest mysteries of adult life, surely).

So here are some random happy things that have been cheering us up over the past few days: Continue reading

At the gym…

No, not me (the last time I went was pre-first pregnancy, always under duress) but Florence has been reviewing the Fisher Price newborn to toddler Baby Gym.

Fisher Price baby gym review

It’s a three stage newborn to toddler gym that changes as your child grows.

The first phase is from birth, when they can lie on the mat and play with the hanging toys. The second is for when they’re sitting and the third is the standing and cruising stage, when they can use it to hold on to. It’s made up of a colourful fabric playmat with an animal-themed arch. There are toys that hang from the arch and these can activate music and lights.

Here’s our three favourite things about the gym: Continue reading

Babywearing with Rockin’ Baby

Rockin' Baby - ring sling review

One of the things I’ve found really useful as a second time mum has been babywearing. It keeps the baby really close, within head kissing and sniffing distance,  with the bonus of often making them fall asleep. It’s not a magic answer to everything – sometimes babies really just want to be held – but it gives you a pair of hands back for the million and one things you have to do when simultaneously looking after a toddler.

So I loved the sound of Rockin’ Baby, makers of patterned ring and pouch slings that are also a worthy – and really lovely – charity initiative. Continue reading

Five things for the weekend – spring and sleep

1) This week we headed over to Peter Jones on Sloane Square for the launch of the new Dyson Humidifier (top left). Isn’t it the most space-age thing? It looks great, and after me and Florence stood in front of one for a while to recover from the journey, I can also report that it feels amazing.

The Humidifier projects clean, hydrated air around the room and is designed to help babies and young children sleep better. I had a chat with the Dyson engineer who designed it, who told me all about the child-proof features, and how he was squirreled away in a bunker for three years working on it as a top secret project.

More on this soon as I’m looking forward to trying one out. Which should be great as apparently it can also improve the quality of adult’s skin and sleep… Continue reading