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My lost love of reading books

When was the last time you read a book..?

My lost love of reading books have you stopped reading since having children?

As in, a book, an actual book book, one that’s written and meant for grown-ups? And not a board book or fabric one or one with a cartoon character on it or in it or one that’s not 99% illustrations or the first in a series of a million Miffys or Gruffalos or something you’ve read out loud, again and again and then again and then ‘just one more time.’? Continue reading My lost love of reading books

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Don’t call me baby

How long can you call your youngest child – who might well be somewhere in the region of, say, around 23-and-a-bit months  – a baby?

Call me baby - how long can you keep calling your child a baby for?

Asking for a ‘friend’ who had a conversation recently while out for lunch that went something like this: Continue reading Don’t call me baby

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On tour with the Go Jetters

If anyone in your house is a fan of the CBeebies cartoon Go Jetters, then you might want to read our Go Jetters toys review…because a brand new range of Fisher Price toys have just been released. So what did we think?

Go Jetters toys review - Fisher Price toys

Go Jetters is the bright and bold cartoon about the adventures of four animated superheroes (Xuli, Foz, Kyan and Lars. I totally knew these off the top of my head and didn’t have to Google, them, really, no really). They travel the world in their spaceship along with Ubercorn the singing unicorn, taking part in missions and learning about foreign countries and environments en route.

On a par with other CBeebies programmes like Topsy and Tim, it’s designed to teach children about geography and landmarks but in a fun way. It’s either brilliant or very bright and loud depending on how old you are 😉

Continue reading On tour with the Go Jetters

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