The Disappearing Dining Club

February 21, 2014

The Disappearing Dining Club

Have you heard of the Disappearing Dining Club?

Disappearing Dining ClubIt’s Friday – woo! Not that it makes a huge amount of difference when you work from home and have children (no late-night after-work drinking sessions or long lie-ins, sadly). But this weekend we’re off to the wedding of one of my closest friends – I can’t wait, but I’m worried I’ll be *that* person who is completely overcome with emotion during the ceremony.

A Pop-Up Dinner Party In East London

Anyway; a few weeks ago it was her hen do, and she wanted strictly no plastic peni or veils. So we spent the evening at the Disappearing Dining Club, which is a monthly pop-up dinner party that takes place in a variety of different unusual locations across London. On this occasion it was in an underground warehouse-y type place in Dalston (one of those funny places I’ve only ever been to when I’m already drunk).

The idea behind the club is that it’s like a big, quirky, communal dinner party, where everyone sits on long tables and shares food. There were also DJs, cocktails, lots of wine, dancing and a whole table of cheese. It was brilliant, although what wasn’t so good was my hangover of epic, pre-baby proportions the next day. Prosecco, red wine and cocktails don’t make for a happy mix the next morning. Ouch.

Grannie G and Grandad are babysitting Eliza for the wedding, so we have the afternoon / evening off. I can’t wait. What’s everyone else got planned for the next few days? x

Disappearing dining club

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