The bottom of the washing basket, Narnia, and other mythical places

December 16, 2015

Letter E canvas

One of the – many – things people gloss over about life with two children is the amount of washing there is. Seriously, so much washing. It seems to breed and breed too, like a Gremlin plus water after midnight. Does the bottom of the washing basket even exist? I suspect not…

It’s a job I can’t imagine anyone enjoys doing. Despite an equal share of labour in this house I seem to have been stuck with most of the clothes cleaning, mainly because I’m physically at home more. And whereas pre-children I used to sort it all our properly, lack of time means everything just goes in either on a ‘clothes’ or a ‘bedding and towels’ wash  (which would explain a couple of shrunken jumper incidents – oops).

How many people really do understand – or pay attention to – washing symbols in clothes? Me and my biggest mini-me were given the task of coming up with a brand new washing symbol, to hopefully make people’s lives easier – and more interesting – when doing the washing.

We had a look the various different symbols that already exist and thought about the meanings, then talked about what our symbol could look like. We briefly thought of designing a heart (to show we love our clothes) or a star (to show how important it is to get clothes on the right wash) before finally deciding on a giant letter E which stands for ‘everything in’, meaning anything marked with it can go in any wash at any temperature. This will hopefully make the lives of the chief clothes washer a lot easier. We also wanted to make it as patterned and colourful as possible, to brighten up people’s lives when they do the washing.

(It’s also someone’s initial – and follows our recent preoccupation with letter hunts).

To bring our symbol to life we got to work with a giant canvas and lots of paint:

paintbrushes paints

We traced  a big E. and then filled it in with lots of colour, patterns and pictures.

letter e

letter e

And tada…

Letter E canvas

What would your new washing symbol look like? Ours turned out to be very apt, because both of us got paint all over our clothes.

Dancing photo

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This is a collaborative post.


  • Alice

    December 16, 2015 at 10:09 pm

    Love the thought behind the E! I also have so many clothes washing to do – 4 loads today!! – yet i only ever seem to use 3 cycles? Something’s wrong there…

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