Ten Things I HATE About The School Run (And Five Things I Secretly Love)

September 15, 2017

Here are ten things I hate about the dreaded school run…

10 thins I hate about the school run (and five things I secretly love)

  1. It’s always raining on the school run. ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter how glorious the weather is, all day long…as soon as it’s time to do the pick-up, the heavens open. In fact, you can set your clock by the weather. Dark clouds approaching? Must be nearing just-after-three.
  2. The clue’s in the name. Who wants to run, especially not when you’re still half-asleep?
  3. And speaking of run, the school run is more of an exhausting sprint than a well-paced marathon (we’re always late).
  4. It combines all the things I have the potential to be *terrible* at – organisation, coordination, getting small children out of the house on time. Twice a day, every day.
  5. It’s trickier than a fox. Wait, we’re out of the house, early! On no, we’ve forgotten something and must go back.
  6. No matter how organised I try to be by putting things in the same place every night, things disappear. Like shoes. Always shoes.
  7. The potential to have to do the walk of shame to the front office to sign the late book is high (and ever-so-slightly humiliating).
  8. As is the possibility that someone might suspect you’re still rocking your ‘evening leisure attire’ under your coat (Me? Never!)
  9. It involves playing the high stakes game of snack roulette. Despite living about 30 seconds from the school, I always take a snack for the journey home. The probability of picking the wrong one is high. And after being biscuit-shamed after nursery once, there’s also the worry another parent will secretly snack-shame me if it’s not nutritious enough.
  10. The school run turns me into a crazy lady. On the way to pick-up I’m relaxed, breezy and determined not to badger my exhausted child with questions. On the way home? ‘How was your day? What did you eat? What did you do? Who did you play with? HOW WAS YOUR DAAAAAAAAAY?’

And five things I secretly love about the school run…

  1. It makes me feel like a proper school mum.
  2. Feeling like I’m an organised, sorted person on the days when it’s all done in good time, stress-free
  3. Feeling incredibly smug when you are there early, and get to walk back home smiling smugly at all the people later than you running on their way in (P.S. This never happens)
  4. On the stressy mornings, doing the school run knowing full well you are going home to breathe and have a relaxing cup of tea.
  5. Picking your children up every day, which is better than Christmas.

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