Summer sandals for small feet – a toddler round-up

June 17, 2013

Summer sandals for toddlersWith summer reluctantly shuffling its way in, we thought it was finally time to invest in some toddler-proof sandals for Eliza.

I have been surprisingly restrained when it has come to buying shoes for her, possibly due to the trauma of buying her first pair. But summer shoes are just so much more fun, aren’t they? As a result, she’s somehow now ended up with three new pairs of footwear.

These are our favourites, all from the high-street:

Summer sandals for toddlers

  • White / flowery sandals from Clarks, with an aquatic theme underneath that Eliza loves (modern day Magic Steps? Children of the 80s will know what I’m talking about)
  • Zara Kids Liberty-print fabric sandals (bought from France, but I presume they are available online and in the UK)
  • And finally, gold and silver mini gladiators from Monsoon. These were a complete impulse buy in a fit of ‘oooh that’s why it’s fun to have a girl.’

What’s on your feet this summer? Here’s my all-time favourite pairs of shoes.


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