Special delivery: what’s the best way to get to the hospital to have your baby

July 11, 2013

London (ish)So royal baby fever is really ramping up this week. Poor Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, aka Kate Middleton and Prince William; getting to your due date and having everyone text, call and Facebook you to ask if you’ve had that baby yet is agony enough anyway, but it must be a million times more stressful when the eyes of the world are watching your womb.

One thing I don’t imagine the royal couple will have to worry about is how they’ll get to the hospital. But when you live in London and don’t have a car – like us and a lot of people – it can be a big question mark. How about the bus or train? You’re having a baby – rule both of these out immediately. So the only real choice is taxi, and we’d heard horror stories about London cab firms that refuse to take women in labour. In the end, I had a planned induction on my due date so we did get a taxi, and didn’t have to worry about anything happening en route.

How did you get to hospital to have your baby?

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