Get back into shape post-pregnancy; top fitness tips

February 12, 2014

Just had a baby? Are you a new mum looking to get back into shape, on the hunt for some post-pregnancy fitness tips? Read on…


Top tips to get back into shape after having babies, getting rid of post-pregnancy weight and reducing post-baby tummy

Have you just had a baby? Congratulations! Have another piece of cake, and sleep when the baby sleeps (Seriously! You won’t regret it). But if you’re a few weeks – or even months – down the line, and have started to maybe think more about getting back into shape, then read on…

Last week I attended an event hosted by Netflix with fitness guru Niki Wibrow. I’ve written before about how Netflix can keep you sane as a parent – it’s an on-demand streaming service with whole host of film and televisual goodness ranging from Breaking Bad to the US Office and House of Cards. Because it’s streamed you can stop, start and pause whenever you want, making it ideal for those nights where you’re up and down again and again, or are glued to the sofa with a cluster-feeding baby (we watched it a lot in the crazy early baby days, and still do now).

The event was themed around how you can use Netflix to keep fit as a parent. Niki, herself a mum to a two-year-old, has devised a workout for mums that can be done whenever you can grab some time. And the best part of all? It’s designed so you can do it infront of the TV, while you’re watching Netflix. Perfect distraction fodder for easily-bored people like me. It would be ideal for those post-baby times when you’re thinking about getting back into shape, but at home a lot with a sleeping baby and can’t go to the gym.

The workout focuses on five key areas, here’s some video clips to explain:

1. Warm-ups – Cardio, Boxing Combos & Yoga Swings:

2. Legs – Skaters, Spider Squats & Plies:

3. Arms – Dolphin, Walking Planks & Tricep Dip:

4. Core – Toe Taps, Twisting Planks & Seated Abs:

5. Back – Lying Superman, Standing Stars & Kneeling Superman:

I was actually off out for drinks after the event, so turned up in a shortish skirt, tights and a full face of make-up – perfect workout gear! (just like Gwyneth, right?). It was brilliant fun though, and I now can’t wait to watch Orange is the New Black after speaking to everyone from Netflix who highly recommended it. Alex and I are mid-way through Breaking Bad already – so ahead of the times – so I need to save that for the evenings.

Exercises for mumsHere’s some more of Nikki’s tips for fitness, exercise and working out the gentle way for new mums:

  • As a general rule, if you had a c-section you need to wait at least six weeks before attempting exercise and three weeks if you had a vaginal delivery. This depends on medical advice – always ask your doctor first – and if you feel up to it
  • Start with gentle pelvic tilts – in the early stages it should not be about weight loss and more about strengthening your core. Don’t do any weight-bearing exercise at first or anything that might strain your muscles
  • Power walking is a perfect early exercise as you’ll be getting out and about with your pram anyway
  • Your body will take its time to recover. It’s full of hormones and these need to gradually come out of your body
  • Don’t ever feel pressured to get back to exercising or lose weight; do it on your own terms.

I’m part of the Netflix Stream Team, which is a group of parenting bloggers who’ll be blogging each month about a difference aspect of the service. I’ve been provided with a year’s free subscription and an iPad to watch it on. I’m genuinely a massive fan of Netflix anyway though, so hopefully this will be a lot of fun.



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