Three colourful things

February 15, 2014


Wow, so there’s an awful lot of weather around at the moment isn’t there? And all of it grey and dull. Here’s three colourful things to counteract it:

1) E’s favourite toy at the moment. We now spend a lot of time pretend drinking tea and eating cake (and hunting out various tiny teaspoons and plates from hiding places around the house)

2) A rare, non-rainy trip to the park this week. She’s at that age where she has opinions about absolutely everything (sound familiar?) At the moment it’s always the red coat

3) Beautiful red flower; a plant I’ve somehow miraculously managed to keep alive.

What are everyone’s plans for the the weekend? We’re trying not to leave the house and hopefully watching as much Breaking Bad on Netflix as possible in the evenings (so ahead of the times. Also, predictably I wasn’t too into it at first but now can’t get enough. Which is the pattern for most TV programmes I seem to watch). Eliza is apparently planning on going to the market with her talking ted Minnie, to buy cake and cheese.

Have fun, whatever you’re doing x.

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