Packing for two…plus two

June 23, 2015


Oh, the places you’ll go. But first there’s packing. When you have two children it’s a process that takes so long it starts before you’ve actually booked the holiday. 

Whereas packing for just two is purely done on fun (how many bikinis can I justify taking? Oh, here’s one more. Do I need another going out sundress? No…will chuck two in though. More matching underwear for sexy sun times? Sure!) Forget all that when you’re a four because packing is based on FEAR. Fear you’ll forget something important. Fear you’ll forget something for the baby. Fear that you’ll forget something for the toddler, who won’t ever let *you* forget it. Sure, they’ll have shops on holiday. But will it all be the same?

So there’s lists, and lists, and so much stuff. Will it ever all fit in?

Here’s what’s likely to happen:

* Despite taking a fully stocked pharmacy, the baby will need the one thing you didn’t pack. Snufflebabe in July, anyone?

* The toddler will attempt to put the baby in the suitcase

* Your husband will throw in his clothes, then wonder why it all takes so long. You’ll want to put him in the suitcase 

* You’ll spend so long buying cute rompers and pineapple patterned shorts for your children that you then leave it really late for yourself. Bring on the emergency 3am ASOS orders (consisting of of play suits, bright patterns and things that were on a fashion page because even though you’re a mum now, you’ve still got it! Cue a mad dash the post office to take it all back. It’s OK, because there’s no space for you in the case)

* Whatever you pack one of, you’ll always need two.

But all this packing is a useful distraction from the horror of dealing with your post-pregnancy bikini line. Remember those days of only taking hand luggage? They are long gone. I need a break… 


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