Nicknames For Leonardo: 45 Of The Best Leonardo Nicknames

September 11, 2023

Looking For Nicknames For Leonardo? Read This Post For 45 Of The Best Leonardo Nicknames 

Are You Thinking About Picking The Baby Name Leonardo? Read This Post For 45 Of The Best Leonardo Nicknames 

If you’ve decided on the name Leonardo for your baby, read this post with nicknames for Leonardo. 

Here’s our list of Leonardo nicknames that includes cute and funny nicknames for Leonardo. We also look at the Leonardo meaning and middle names for Leonardo.

Nicknames for Leonardo - best Leonardo nicknames

Wondering what Leonardo means and how popular it is? We also look the Leonardo name meaning, and how popular it is as a boy’s name.

Leonardo Name Meaning: What Does The Name Leonardo Mean?

Looking for the Leonardo name meaning?

Leonardo is of Spanish, French and Latin origins. The Leonardo meaning is lion.

The name Leonardo comes from the Latin word for Lion. It can also mean lion-hearted.

Leo is also a zodiac sign.

You can also read our nicknames for Leo.

Leonardo meaning - meaning of the name Leonardo

How popular is Leonardo as a baby name? Is Leonardo a rare name?

In the US, Leonardo is the 7th most popular name for boys in America.

Leonardo is currently the 116th most popular baby name for boys in the UK.

Famous People Named Leo

Looking for famous people named Leonardo? Try one of these famous Leonardos

Leonardo Da Vinci, painter

Leonardo Di Caprio, actor

Leo Sawyer, musician

Leo LaPorte, author

Leo Howard, actor

Looking For Middle Names For Leonardo?

Looking for middle names for Leonardo?

Read our list of 150 one syllable boy names.

We have Unique boy names and 250+ baby boy names

Or try one of our 101 gender neutral names

45 Nick names For The Name Leonardo

funny nickname for Leonardo

If you’re looking for the perfect Leonardo nickname, here are nicknames for the name Leonardo:

  1. Leo
  2. Leon
  3. Lee
  4. LeeLee
  5. El
  6. Eon
  7. Ion
  8. Nardo
  9. Nard
  10. Nardy
  11. Nardi
  12. Lio
  13. Ard
  14. Ardo
  15. Ardy
  16. Nar
  17. Nary
  18. Nari
  19. Narie
  20. Leos
  21. Leony
  22. Leonard
  23. Leopard
  24. Leapold
  25. Lion
  26. Liono
  27. Leor
  28. LeoLee
  29. Len
  30. Lenny
  31. Lennie
  32. Leonel
  33. Lionel
  34. Lon
  35. Lonny
  36. Leonodi
  37. Leodore
  38. Leoli
  39. Leonardos

Cute Nicknames For Leo And Funny Nicknames For Leo

Read our funny Leo nicknames to help you find your perfect nickname:

  1. Mr L
  2. Leo The Great
  3. L-Man
  4. Len Hen
  5. Leonardo Da Vinci
  6. Ninja Turtle

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