Nicknames For Caroline: 101 Of The Best Caroline Nicknames

March 22, 2024

Looking For Caroline Nicknames? Read The Best Nicknames For Caroline

If you’re picking the name Caroline for your baby girl, you might be looking for the best Caroline nicknames – so read our list that includes cute and funny nicknames and the Caroline meaning, to help you find your perfect Caroline nickname.

Caroline is a classic name for girls. But if you want a pet name to give your baby from time to time, read our list to help you find your perfect nickname for Caroline.

The Caroline Meaning – What Does Caroline Mean?

What does the name Caroline mean? Looking for the meaning of Caroline?

When it comes to the Caroline meaning, Caroline is a girl’s given name of French origin and the meaning is free man. Caroline is the feminine version of the male name Charles.

How Popular Is The Name Caroline?

How popular is Caroline? Is Caroline a rare name?

In the US, as per the latest baby name lists consisting of names registered, Caroline is the 77th most popular name for American girls.

101 Nick names For The Name Caroline

Here are 101 nick names for the name Caroline to help you find your favourite short name for your baby:

  1. Car
  2. Carr
  3. Cari
  4. Carie
  5. Carrie
  6. Carey
  7. Carrey
  8. Carri
  9. Cara
  10. Carra
  11. Caro
  12. Cal
  13. Call
  14. Cals
  15. Calls
  16. Calie
  17. Callie
  18. Caly
  19. Cally
  20. Caley
  21. Calley
  22. Carol
  23. Carole
  24. Carolina
  25. Carolyn
  26. Carly
  27. Caz
  28. Cazz
  29. Cazie
  30. Cazzie
  31. Cazey
  32. Cazzey
  33. Cazi
  34. Cazzi
  35. Ce
  36. CeCe
  37. Ci
  38. CiCi
  39. Cee
  40. CeeCee
  41. Line
  42. Lina
  43. Lin
  44. Linn
  45. Lyn
  46. Lynn
  47. Lyne
  48. Lynne
  49. Liny
  50. Linny
  51. Lini
  52. Linni
  53. Liney
  54. Linney
  55. Ro
  56. RoRo
  57. Ol
  58. Oll
  59. Olie
  60. Ollie
  61. Oley
  62. Olley
  63. Oli
  64. Olli
  65. Rol
  66. Roll
  67. Roli
  68. Rolli
  69. Roley
  70. Rolley
  71. Roly
  72. Rolly
  73. Aro
  74. Ari
  75. Arie
  76. Arro
  77. Arri
  78. Ary
  79. Arry
  80. Arey
  81. Arrey
  82. CoCo
  83. Coraline
  84. Cadie
  85. Caddie
  86. Lila
  87. Lilla
  88. Cass
  89. Cassie
  90. Kaz
  91. Kazz
  92. Ru
  93. Rue
  94. Roo
  95. RooRoo
  96. Nina
  97. Arlo
  98. Rolin
  99. Oline

Funny Nicknames For Caroline

If you’re looking for something sweeter, read these cute and funny nicknames for Caroline:

  1. Miss C
  2. Care Bear
  3. Arrow

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