Happy 150th birthday to the London Underground

Baby on the tubeEliza is very nearly the grand old age of one, but everyone’s subterranean soul sister the Tube is much, much older; happy 150th birthday to the London Underground!

Like most Londoners I have a love / hate relationship with it which is often hate / hate when you just want to get home from work, there are delays galore and you end up wedged under someone’s armpit. And it’s a nightmare to navigate all those steps with a pram. But to celebrate, here’s some random facts about the tube:

  • This blog was half named after the ‘baby on board’ badges given out to pregnant women to use on the tube…
  • …but I never actually had one of the badges myself!
  • When I first moved to London I had a temp job at TFL’s head office and they let me drive the tube train simulator, which was great fun
  • When Alex and I first got together and I would stay at his house, I used to conveniently blame ‘delays on the Northern Line’ as the reason I was always late to work in the morning (not true)
  • Eliza’s first tube journey was also the Northern Line, Balham to Angel. We met some friends for lunch in Islington

Here are my tips for using London’s public transport with a baby, fourteen alternative tube maps, and a great iPhone app you should get to make your life easier if you’re using the tube with a pram.


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  1. January 12, 2013 / 1:03 am

    I remember seeing one of those baby on board badges on someone when I was pregnant for the first time and thought that was a good idea. Of course would never have considered wearing one! I wonder if they actually make a difference to a pregnant woman’s commute.

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