First night out minus baby

May 9, 2012

Thanks to some strategic power expressing, last week saw the momentous  occasion of my first night out minus baby. The NCT dads in our group have had beers on a couple of occasions, so purely in the interests of balance and fairness – of course! – it was the mums turn this time (the men + babies got to have a cosy night in at one house with takeaway).

We’re very lucky that our neck of the London woods has lots of restaurants and gastro-type pubs to choose from – plus baby-friendly, cake-selling places for during the day – and our evening out consisted of drinks at the downstairs bar at the Exhibition Rooms on Westow Hill (champagne cocktails, I have missed you) followed by more drinks and food at Numidie.

The opportunity to be at home full-time with Eliza at the moment is such a privilege and I know I’m so lucky; however, it felt great to have a few hours off and just go out. It would be a proper new mum advertising cliche to say it made me feel like ‘me’ again, but it was such a brilliant novelty to put on a full face of proper make-up as well as some pre-baby clothes which weren’t selected due to front-fastening features or easy boob access. It was even great to sit on the top deck of the bus up to the Crystal Palace Triangle (which I never thought I’d miss, but is a thing of the past with a pram!)

It was such a good evening; as well as an awful lot of excitement at being out there was a perfectly reasonable amount of phone checking, loads of baby chat, and as always with groups of new mums, some lengthly discussion about childbirth. Eliza and Alex had a great time and she was fast asleep when I got back.

And while I wouldn’t say I was really suffering the next day, I was very thirsty with an ever-so-slight headache. Hangovers, I have missed you not.


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