Brilliant baby clothes from burp! boutique

September 17, 2012

Baby clothes from burp! boutique - Tootsa Macginty, Boys and GirlsOne of the things I didn’t realise about having a baby is just how much fun it would be to buy clothes for her. Eliza is very lucky to be given lots of outfits as presents – plus an ongoing supply of of lovely hand-knitted things – but as she grows so quickly, it’s perfectly reasonable to buy loads more for her, don’t you think?

I’ve written before about how I don’t like to dress her in anything that’s too girly (she now appears to have lots of pink though, bought by me, which goes against my original plan for absolutely no pink. Although I still refuse to buy the pale shades). I never buy anything that’s too expensive, and clothes-wise I love her in stripes, more stripes, bright colours and patterns. Basically, anything that’s a bit fun, unusual and most definitely not traditional.

Which brings me onto my latest discovery, burp! boutique, which is an online store selling children’s clothes from the likes of like Tootsa Macginty, Indikidual and Boys and Girls. The ethos is to sell ‘quirky, fun, bright things that will bring a dash of sunshine into yours and your child’s lives’ – which fits right in with the type of clothes I like to buy for my baby.

Recent purchases include – from the photo at the top, left to right – star-patterned sleepsuit from Boys and Girls, zebra spots long sleeved top, and denim dress with pockets and fox from Tootsa Macginty.

They’re all now sold out now, unfortunately, but you can still get a similar dress, along with things like a fox jumper, one with a bear on it, or the ‘bright as day’ one, alongside wallpaper you can colour in yourself (for your children, of course). There’s also a Pinterest competition to with £100 to spend on Nordic children’s clothing label Heimoose.

I would have taken photos of my mini model wearing her new outfits, however I can’t do that just yet as it seems I have turned into a proper mum; I bought them all in bigger sizes for her to ‘grow into.’


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