Three ways to wear neon, when you’re not a teenager

September 22, 2013

Ways to wear neonNeon and nude / neon and grey / neon and stripes

I loved all the neon prints and patterns that were around this summer (it’s a nod to my 90’s childhood, what can I say?). But when you’re very much no longer 16, smiley face t-shirts are not a good look. It’s easy to run screaming when faced with a wall of day-glo bondage dresses and crop tops in Topshop.

It’s a lot easier to stick to really simple neutrals with a slight flash of colour instead. So this is where my new bracelet from Merci Maman came in, which has been a perfect way to brighten up an outfit this summer (often worn one of the three ways as shown above).

Neon charm braceletMerci Maman translates as ‘thank you Mum’, and the items are designed to be a celebration of the bond between mother and child. How lovely is that? Offered a review one of the personalised neon charm bracelets, I went for the neon pink satin thread and sterling silver mini engraved disk (£20). Mine has Eliza’s initials on, but there’s room on the larger charms for words and short messages.

It’s a London-based French company that makes all the items by hand. And it’s such a brilliantly French brand – from the from the font of the etchings, to the packaging and the design. Any of the bracelets or necklaces would make a great present for a new mum (or your mum, for that matter). And what I love about mine is that it’s very current, but the charm is classic and could easily be restrung later on.

One of my favourite Pinterest boards is related to two of my favourite things, stripes and statement necklaces. Maybe stripes and statement bracelets should be the next one I set up…?

Thanks Merci Mamam for the review opportunity. Bracelet <3

Merci Maman


  • 3yearsandhome

    September 23, 2013 at 11:54 am

    That’s so nice! I’m a bit fan of neon, mainly because I wear a lot of grey, white and navy and it’s excellent for adding a bit of pizazz. I currently have neon green sunglasses and although probably more appropriate for someone half my age, I adore them.

  • Marissa Coltman (Little Rascal Reviews)

    September 23, 2013 at 6:44 pm

    What a lovely idea! I’m sorry to admit I’ve been absolutely rubbish at fashion over the past few years and recently needed to be kicked into touch by the ladies at NHJ Style who threw away 75% of my wardrobe *shock face* x

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