• Your Baby’s First Six Months: 25 Inevitable Events

    April 9, 2015

    Your Baby’s First Six Months – Here Are 25 Inevitable Events Your baby’s first six months – so you’ve made it through the roller-coaster first six months of new babydom? Congratulations! It feels like such a massive achievement, doesn’t it? (Except no-one gives you a medal  – and you have to keep on going…) Florence…

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  • 12 signs you’re a sleep-deprived parent

    March 29, 2015

    Are you a sleep-deprived parent? Here’s 12 signs your child is no friend of sleep… You can always tell when the clocks change due to the higher-than-normal volume of tweets from parents. Extra hour in bed? Not likely! Lighter evenings? Thanks so much for the 9pm bedtime. Blackout blinds? Ha! – are some of the things…

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  • My notes from a neurotic first time motherhood

    March 27, 2015

    What completely neurotic, fussy, overprotective, OTT things did you do as a first-time parent that you wouldn’t dream of doing now? It’s easily done – as soon as you have a baby you’re suddenly thrust head first into a whole new world, where you have little or no clue what you’re doing and there’s a…

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  • 10 Things I’ve Learned About Two Children

    March 20, 2015

    What’s It Really Like Having Two Children? So five months in, what’s it really like as a mum of two children? Well, it’s a steep learning curve! Going from one to two is tricky – I can’t decide if it’s harder than being a first time mum as you have two children, or easier as…

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  • At the gym…

    March 16, 2015

    No, not me (the last time I went was pre-first pregnancy, always under duress) but Florence has been reviewing the Fisher Price newborn to toddler Baby Gym. It’s a three stage newborn to toddler gym that changes as your child grows. The first phase is from birth, when they can lie on the mat and play with the…

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  • Babywearing with Our Rockin Baby Sling

    March 11, 2015

    Babywearing With Our Rockin’ Baby Ring Sling – A Review As we’re currently finding babywearing really useful, I loved the sound of the Rockin’ Baby sling – they are patterned ring and pouch slings that are also a worthy – and really lovely – charity initiative. We were sent one to review for our Rockin…

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  • Five things for the weekend

    February 28, 2015

    1) This week, while my busy schedule of snack fetching and endless rounds of the Shopping List game clearly meant I didn’t go to LFW – probably a good thing; clothes covered in a light frosting of baby sick are so not this season – I had fun, as always, looking at the street style shots of what people were…

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