Silver Cross Wayfarer buggy launch, at the Ivy Club

March 20, 2013

Silver Cross Wayfarer pram system

My breakfast yesterday was slightly different than normal, as I was invited by Silver Cross to the launch of its new Wayfarer pram and Simplicity car seat; no-one tried to flick cereal at me, for a change! It took place at the Club at The Ivy, in Covent Garden.

You can read all about the pram and car seat over on my TalkMum post, but both looked really good. Along with what seems like 99.9% of people in my area, we have a Bugaboo, of course, and it’s fantastic, but if the Wayfarer had been out last year we would have seriously considered it (ticking all the major boxes of being light enough to cart up and down station steps and our stairs, small enough to get on public transport, and looking pretty). It even has a cup holder included as standard, which means you don’t have to buy one a few weeks later when you realise you absolutely can’t live without one.

The new Wayfarer is an update of a 1980’s model, and there was even one of the original versions there as a comparison. It reminded me of this article from The Guardian about the evolution of everyday products including prams.

And how brilliantly retro-elegant is The Ivy Club?

The Club at The Ivy


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