Signs you’re a mum in the autumn

November 9, 2015

 12 signs you're a mum in the autumn 

  1. You want to hunt down the people letting off fireworks after 8pm and give them a really good telling off (Bonfire Night was ages ago …how is this still happening?)
  2. Despite spending the majority of the hot weather wearing wellies, your child now *only* wants to wear flip flops. Especially when it’s sleeting
  3. A good proportion of your morning is spent on the ‘Why don’t you wear a winter coat?’ debate
  4. Your pockets are now constantly full of tissues at all times…
  5. …that you only remember *after* the wash
  6. You’re still holding an unbelievably massive grudge against the evil clock change. WHY, time, why?
  7. Every trip to out is a toss-up between your vaguely stylish coat and your warm, practical one, and the shoes that keep your feet dry vs the ones that look pretty
  8. You have the winter time CBeebies jingle in your head, constantly
  9. It’s now getting dangerously close to being too cold to secretly check Facebook in the park without getting frozen hands
  10. Leaves on the line? More like stuck on your pram wheels
  11. ‘Tis the season for…wearing novelty seasonal clothes and nightwear…until they outgrow it (pumpkin sleepsuit in December, anyone? Shhh)
  12. There’s always only ever one glove.

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  • Alison Perry

    November 11, 2015 at 11:36 am

    haha! Love this. I have a lot of hate for those people and their post-8pm fireworks.

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