Save Syria’s children – it could have been us

September 5, 2015

Save Syrias Children - donate £5 to Save the Children by texting  Syria to 7008

Because, as so many people have said, if you think what drives parents into the sea with their children is greed and not need, that says everything about you and nothing about them.

Because of this.

Because it could have been and could be us, my family, if not for geography.

Because it could have been and could be us, any one of us mothers and parents, being forced to make those decisions.

Today I’m joining forces with a group  of other bloggers to raise awareness and money for Save the Children’s emergency appeal for Syrian children and the refugee crisis. People will be posting across blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, using the #SaveSyriasChildren hashtag.

To donate £5 to Save the Children text the word SYRIA to 70008 (T&Cs here). You can also donate online.

And you can read my last post that contains links to resources and other things you can do to help.


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