From cups to ducks…review round-up

April 17, 2013

Baby productsWe’re lucky enough to have been sent a couple of baby things to review recently – the Maclaren Beginnings nappy change balm, JASON children’s shampoo and conditioner, and the Munchkin Click Lock cup. Here’s how we got on:

Maclaren Beginning…protecting nappy change balm

We were sent the everyday protecting nappy balm from the recently relaunched Maclaren Beginning range. There’s an ethos of purity and connection behind all the products, and the ingredients are natural and cruelty free. The packaging is simple but effective – it doesn’t instantly scream ‘baby’ – and it’s scented with lots of organic goodness including lavender, chamomile and aloe. So it smells absolutely divine.

We’ve never used a barrier cream every day with Eliza – as I don’t think there’s any need if her skin is fine – so we put this on whenever there was a hint of redness. We also used it on her random dry patches of skin *shakes fist at the never-ending Winter*.

One minor complaint; it does seem slightly runny for a barrier cream, even if you layer up. We’ll still stick with Metanium when there’s a hint of a hard-core nappy rash on the horizon.

But as a normal moisturiser it did the job well.. and I have to admit to using it on myself, it smells THAT good.

The balm costs £10 and is available from Dorothy and Theodore. There’s a pregnancy range too, which I will definitely check out (not for a while yet though).

JASON Kids Only shampoo and conditioner

We held off using any soap or shampoo on tiny newborn Eliza for as long as possible, and since then we’ve only ever used natural and organic products (think Burts Bees / Weleda). So I was interested to read about the JASON Kids Only! range, made from organic extracts, no nasty stuff and natural ingredients. All that sounded good to me. We’d also run out of Eliza’s usual bath product when I was approached for the review so it was good timing.

We were sent the Extra Gentle Shampoo and Extra Gentle Conditioner. The shampoo smells lovely, like bubble gum, and we’ve had no tears when we’ve used it (the range has the same pH as the tears from your eyes, how sweet it that?) It is a huge bottle, which makes it pretty good value for money at £6.99. Her hair’s not really long enough to need a conditioner just yet, but I’ll whip it out at the first hint of a knot.

It’s a fun design – glossy silver bottle, with a big yellow label plus monkey. Eliza absolutely loves them both, and we’re always finding them in random places around the house, as she likes to walk around carrying them. And I have to admit I’ve been using the shampoo on my hair, sensing a theme here. Sorry, Eliza.

P.S. you may recognise the ducks from my week 23 pregnancy update. They now have a new owner, who loves to push them into the bath.

Munchkin Click Lock insulated flip straw cup

My main gripe with sippy cups is how often they leak. Our favourite has a silicone teat, and my daughter has craftily figured out how to squish the spout whenever my back is turned, so the water pours out. This is loads of fun for her but a lot less for me. So I was intrigued by the premise of the Munchkin cup, which has a click and lock lid and a guarantee not to leak.

And how does that promise hold up? Well, great so far – absolutely no leaks, no matter how much my determined daughter tries. We were sent the Munchkin Click Lock insulated flip straw cup from the range, which has an integrated straw you can flip in and out (we have hours of fun doing just this).

The design means there’s no extra lid to lose, hurrah. It’s also insulated to keep the drink cool, and it comes in a range of baby-friendly fluro colours with cartoons on.

It is aimed at 12 months+ but you do need quite a strong suck to get the water out of the straw. We tried with her for a while and weren’t convinced she was getting any out, and then one day she just got it. And now she won’t put it down.

We were sent all these items for the purpose of this review, but opinions are my own, of course. You can also read my PR policy.


  • Gabi

    April 17, 2013 at 7:47 pm

    So that means Eliza is going to get some SPA treatment, hun?!

    1. gillian

      April 23, 2013 at 7:32 pm

      Yeah! Lucky Eliza 😉 x

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