Five things for the weekend – spring and sleep

March 7, 2015

1) This week we headed over to Peter Jones on Sloane Square for the launch of the new Dyson Humidifier (top left). Isn’t it the most space-age thing? It looks great, and after me and Florence stood in front of one for a while to recover from the journey, I can also report that it feels amazing.

The Humidifier projects clean, hydrated air around the room and is designed to help babies and young children sleep better. I had a chat with the Dyson engineer who designed it, who told me all about the child-proof features, and how he was squirreled away in a bunker for three years working on it as a top secret project.

More on this soon as I’m looking forward to trying one out. Which should be great as apparently it can also improve the quality of adult’s skin and sleep…

2) Because speaking of; not currently getting ANY.  Not sure why, not sure why this is a surprise after a first child who didn’t sleep through for two years. I have been a lot more positive about it this time, partly because you have no other choice really, and you can’t really complain about your child sleep like a, well, baby. But it does kind of grind you down after a while. I’m interested to read the new Gentle Sleep book from the amazing Sarah Ockwell-Smith (if you have a toddler and haven’t read Toddlercalm, do it)

3) And fear not, for spring is definitively on the way – flowers from my garden, amazingly – and it’s enough to cheer up even the most grey-feeling dull day up.

4) Spring also means more time for London parks (or more to the point, more fun in parks, and less shivering). Here’s a post about our top five London parks over on the blog for Bubele, a new app for London parents that helps you find and plan activities for your children.

5) I think when you’re really sleep deprived,  you need the really little things to cheer you up. After checking out the new Dyson purifier, Flo and I had a mooch around Peter Jones and the Kings Road, somewhere I’ve not been in years, bought some make-up and didn’t really do anything. It was so lovely.

This week I’ve also acquired more things from HEMA (think I have a bit of a problem) and also new silver shoes, currently winging their way to me from ASOS. Deeply superficial? Yep, who cares.

More posts from this week: how Sundays have changed since our childhood, and my pregnancy essentials (everything from dresses to good excuses for not drinking and outlets for all that pregnancy rage). My competition to win a children’s play tent closes tomorrow, and you can also still win a Skip Hop baby bag thanks to M&S.

Have a good weekend x


  • Laura

    March 9, 2015 at 1:28 am

    This has reminded me to pick up a few things from HEMA. Also how lovely are those flowers – spring is on it’s way – yay!!

    Laura x

  • Polly

    March 10, 2015 at 8:03 pm

    so glad spring is on the way!! I love HEMA too!

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