Cosy Classic books for children

January 4, 2014

Classic novels for childrenDid you know it’s nearly 20 years since the film Clueless was released? As if! The film itself was loosely based on a classic novel, Jane Austen’s Emma, but retold in a updated setting for the modern-day masses. I know people can get pretty highbrow about the classics, but I don’t think there’s any point in being elitist; why shouldn’t they be reinterpreted in a way that makes them accessible for everyone, even children?

The Cosy Classics series of board books aim to do just that. The books take some of the world’s most well-known stories and re-tell them in a child-friendly format, with one word per page and a series of felt models ‘acting’ out the scenes.

We were sent a copy of two Cosy Classics books to review; Jane Eyre and Emma (£6.99 each). The felt models used in the illustrations are unusual and a surprisingly sweet way of storytelling. I also really like the idea of distilling the plots down to twelve key words – although this did make it tricky as the mists of time and lack of sleep have made me forget the finer points of the full stories, shocking I know. Although it’s always fine to improvise with children’s books, I reckon; they are too little to tell at this point.

And on that note I’m not sure how much Eliza will really get of the stories at such a young age, although she loves being read to and sitting looking at books. But then most things like this – baby yoga, lovely Swedish children’s clothes, wooden toys – are clearly just for the benefit of the parents anyway aren’t they? And I really liked them, so much so I got one for my niece for Christmas.


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