A very late Britmums Live 2014 post

June 19, 2014

Medieval maternity wear

I’m going to blogging conference BritMums Live tomorrow. It’ll be my fourth mum-blogging conference; the the first one I went to was Cybermummy, as a PR with my client at the time. My first as a blogger proper was BritMums two years ago, with my teeny-tiny five-month-old in a carrier. This year I’m taking  the new baby in utero, and am going thanks to the lovely guys I work with at TalkMum.

As I’m fairly late in the day to the meme thing, I thought I’d very quickly make my own out of an amalgamation of all the different ones that are floating around. So here goes:

What I’m wearing

As I’m currently what the lovely tabloids would term ‘heavily pregnant’ e.g. I have a bit of a baby bump, my options are limited to what fits at the moment, as I don’ t think the toga-made-out-of-a-bed-sheet-look is very in this season. I’ve also just found the amazing medieval maternity wear in the photo above – do you think they sell it at ASOS? (actually, I’ll probably be wearing one of these dresses).

Who I’m looking forward to seeing

All the TalkMum bloggers who are going including Rachel and Laura. Rachel, to discuss our brand new, super-exciting blog project. Lots of people I’ve met before, and hopefully loads I haven’t met yet (the fun bit).

What’s in my Britmums Live bag?

Probably a combination of:

  • Babybel wax (“the red one, mummyyyy”)
  • Biscuit crumbs
  • My biscuit-covered iPhone
  • iPhone charger
  • Some sort of plastic toy, probably a Tombliboo

Oh, the glamour…but yes, say hi if you’re going. I should be easy to spot in my medieval get-up, right?


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