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Garden furniture love

Stylish garden furniture

One of the things I was really, really excited about with the new house was the garden. It’s fair to say, like the rest of the house, it was promising but needed a lot of work. It wasn’t in a terrible state, but wasn’t suitable for a young family at all.

Despite having zero clue about green things, we just got straight in there and chopped down a lot of the overgrown and dead  plants and removed some of the overall weirdness. We’ve also made Eliza a mud kitchen (more on this later). There’s a fairly outdated wooden arch we want to remove, and some decking that needs replacing, but it’s looking a lot more like the sort of place you’d actually want to spend a balmy summer evening in.

One thing we need to invest in is some good garden furniture, so we can really enjoy it when the warmer weather arrives (after all, it was one of the main reasons we moved from a top floor flat). Then I’m really keen to try out some of these garden DIY projects – how cool?

So this is my pick of the most stylish things from John Lewis – from the affordable, to the more, erm, fantasy budget:

  1. Outdoor lanterns £25
  2. Bird outline deckchair £65
  3. Outdoor line lights £35
  4. Outdoor steamer chair £399
  5. Farmers cottage rotating sphere £7599
  6. And a children’s version of the deck chair – pencil print deck chair £39

Which would you have in your garden?

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  1. I love that bird deck chair! I need one in my life 🙂 x

    • gillian gillian

      Me too! And a mini one for E to sit on x

  2. oooh I love the bird deck chair! x

    • gillian gillian

      It’s so cute, isn’t it? x

  3. oh my gosh! that rotating sphere would be fab ha!

    • gillian gillian

      Seriously, how good would it be? If you had a spare £7k floating around…would be lovely x

  4. Oooh I love the pretty bird print deck chair – great picks, I love outdoor living 🙂

    Laura x

    • gillian gillian

      Me too, I’m so excited for the summer now we have a garden! x

  5. So cute. I think I need number 5 for my garden. lol Great finds! Thanks for sharing. #loveyourhome

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